Wiggles Birthday Party


Many young children love the Wiggles music and it is a great party theme because you can go wild with colour and children can dress up if they want to.  The party can be about the Wiggles generally, or use the child’s favourite character to base the decorations and games on.  There are lots of party goods available from party supply shops and of course the music is sorted!! Remember this party is for a younger age group, so keep the structured games to a minimum and give them lots of time to play with balloons and bubbles!

Wiggles Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Wiggles Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • There are a great range of cake toppers available for the Wiggles
  • Try an instrument shaped cake in Wiggles colours – guitars, drums
  • Use brightly coloured m&m’s, smarties or freckles to decorate
  • For this young age range, why not use an ice cream cake?
  • A number shaped cake in the favourite colour is an easy alternative
  • And brightly coloured and decorated cupcakes arranged in a circle, are fun too

The Food

Wiggles Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Brightly coloured cupcakes
  • Fruit and marshmallow kebabs
  • Coloured popcorn
  • Sausage rolls and pizza wheels
  • Fairy bread cut with shape cutters into hearts and stars
  • Bowls of bright fruit – water melon, strawberries, green melon and grapes – remember the Wiggles love fruit salad
  • Dips with vege sticks
  • Party lollies in brightly coloured cupcake papers
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas - can be served as a kebab too

The Games

Wiggles Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Pass the parcel
  • Treasure hunt – for Captain Feather Sword's treasure hidden in the garden
  • A Wiggles piñata
  • Pin the tail on Wags the Dog
  • Play lots of wiggles songs to dance and sing to
  • Bubble blowers or bubble machines work well with this age group
  • Set up a craft table in one corner – for collage and colouring printed wiggles pictures
  • And coloured musical chairs with pictures of the Wiggles on them

The Extras

Wiggles Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Choose bright colours for the invitations and decorations, or base everything on your child’s favourite character.
  • If they love Dorothy, use silk roses for decorations and a green table cloth, then serve the drinks and food in little tea set
  • Don't forget to include lots of balloons, flowers and musical instrument as decorations and for the kids to play with
  • If they love Captain Feather Sword – you can use more of a red and black pirate look.
  • There is lots of great Wiggles party gear available to make it easy.
  • Party bags should be simple as the kids are young, a few lollies, a small packet of chips, perhaps a bubble blower and a toy suitable for the age group.
  • A wiggles costume, book, or CD will also be a very appreciated favour