Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!! Don’t you love it when your kids ‘discover’ something new and are shocked when you already know the names!  This is a great theme which you can make as simple, or styled as you like. Green and black backgrounds with the 4 colours of the Ninja Turtle’s masks, make for great decorations (Just in case you don’t know: Leonardo – Blue, Raphael – Red, Donatello – Purple and Michelangelo – Orange).  The important thing is to allow the young Ninja Turtles plenty of time to run around and use up that Ninja energy!          

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party  - Main Image

The Cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party  - Cake Image

  • The fabulous cake pictured is from Little Blue Sparrow in Perth – looks amazing
  • Ninja Turtle heads are reasonably easy to shape out of fondant, then pop them on top of the cake and surround with colourful lollies and Kit Kats on the outside for a great result
  • If you don’t feel that creative – use green icing and add the figurines as decoration
  • There are some amazing cake toppers available as well
  • Green cupcakes arranged in a creative way, with some red, blue, orange and purple cupcakes added to represent the Ninja Turtles
  • The alternative is to make a ‘pizza cake’ – make a large round cake and cover with red icing, then use chopped up coloured lollies as the toppings and grate white chocolate over the top – YUM!
  • Turtle cake pops
  • A layered cake decorated like a city scape with the Ninja Turtles on top
  • Sewer pipe with pop up manhole cover with the Ninja Turtles climbing out

The Food

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party  - Food Image

  • Put a blue, red, purple or orange mask on most things and it instantly becomes TMNT food!
  • Decorate round biscuits with green icing and masks
  • Put fondant masks on ginger bread men (Ginger Ninjas)
  • Green jelly in small tubs as Sewer slime or ‘mutagen’
  • Ninja Turtles also like Japanese food like sushi – so if your kids are into sushi that is a great food for this party
  • Pizza of course! This can be real pizza or pizza lollies (like the Tolli pizza lollies)
  • Use test tubes or other clear tubes of jelly beans in the Ninja colours and black and green
  • Decorate green apples with paper masks
  • Straight pretzels dipped in chocolate at each end can be ‘Bo’ staffs (Donatello’s weapon)
  • Cupcakes with green icing and Ninja Turtle cake toppers
  • Small cupcake containers filled with grapes ‘power bombs’ or green grape skewers look great
  • Green cordial is a drink option – you can call it “mutagen drink”
  • Water bottles with labels are really cute
  • “Cowabunga” chips and jelly rats, worms and snakes
  • Chocolate and green swirl biscuits on pop sticks for Turtle Shells
  • Ham and cheese scrolls or avocado and ham pinwheel sandwiches
  • Custard and jelly cups with worms
  • Carrot and broccoli sticks with hommus dip
  • Green smoothies or green soft drinks with ice-cream floats
  • Oreo manhole covers
  • Pizza cookies and green jelly toxic ooze
  • Coloured popcorn in stripy containers – Ninja colours of course
  • Ninja toffee apples

The Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party  - Games Image

  • This is a party recommended for young boys, so too much structure and it just won’t work! If you don’t have a backyard, try a local park or somewhere where they can run wild and play Ninja Turtles
  • TMNT costumes really set the scene – spray-paint foil baking trays and add elastic for shoulder straps and there you have the shells.  Even without shells, some simple crepe paper masks and belts will do the trick
  • We would highly recommend some weapons that guests won’t hurt each other with. Long balloons with some paper wrapped around the end for a Ninja sword or card board tubes or our tried and tested suggestion - pool noodles sliced in half lengthways and horizontally (you get 4 swords form each noodle). This way they are very flexible and don’t hurt when the battles begin
  • Pin the mask, shell or eyes on the Turtles
  • Pass the Kreng (the Kreng are pink) so a pink balloon or ball will do and play it like hot potato – whoever had it when the music stops, has to pretend to die
  • Turtle, Turtle, Kreng (or Duck, Duck, Goose). Kids sit in a circle and one child is ‘it’ and goes around the circle touching each child on the head and saying ‘turtle’.  When they touch a child on the head and say ‘Kreng’, that child has to get up and chase the ‘it’ child and try to catch them before they get back to their spot! That child is now ‘it’
  • What’s the Time Leonardo/Raphael etc. played like What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?
  • Create an obstacle course that uses a variety of skills like running, jumping, knocking boxes over, climbing, balancing, sliding through tunnels and stepping in tyres or rings - great with some adult help or older children to do the first run as an example
  • Teach some Ninja moves and then let them try them out and if you have a bubble machine, let the bubbles go and they can use their new moves and swords on them
  • Hang some balloons and use a sling shot with a soft ball, try and hit them
  • A piñata to give the Ninja’s something to hit!
  • If the party is in the evening, create a treasure hunt, with glow sticks for arrows, where guests “scour the city” to find the Ninja Turtle hideout
  • Ball toss or can knock down games are also lots of fun
  • Make some slime and take it home with the party favour
  • And a photo booth of the Ninja characters or a sewer exit with manhole lid

The Extras

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party  - Supplies Image

  • Green and black backgrounds with lots of blue, red, purple and orange are the colours for this party!
  • The invitation for this party needs to get everyone ready for the action. Use a toy Ninja with the details on a tag, or a mask and ask the guests to bring it to the party
  • Or put some toxic ooze into a plastic test tube and write the details of the party on it
  • A traditional invitation with a photo of the birthday boy dressed in costume
  • Try a cityscape back drop behind the party table. You could do this on a black plastic table cloth and then use a thick chalk pen for the silhouettes, or use black or green cardboard cut outs for the details
  • Lots of green and black balloons, you could decorate the green balloons as Ninja Turtles
  • Green paper lanterns also look great with a coloured mask around them and add a glow sick or LED candle for the nighttime
  • Using pumpkins or watermelons, cut out the masks and the mouths of the turtles and pop a coloured glow stick in each for the turtle colours
  • Cut up some brown and black plastic table cloths into strips and hang them so the guests can run through them, streamers are also great for this
  • Use some plastic plumbing pipes with twists and turns for the sewer hideout look
  • For the tables use black tablecloths with bright green, red, orange, blue and purple accessories
  • There are also lots of licensed products that can be purchased to add to the setup and you can also get banners, bunting and foil balloons (see our directory for some great party supply companies)
  • Decorate food containers with the Ninja masks and wrap cutlery in green serviettes, with a Ninja coloured strip and some googly eyes
  • Use pizza boxes for decorations and then to serve the pizza
  • Make the party bags from green paper bags with coloured masks glued on and add some googly eyes then fill them with snakes and worm lollies, some Slime or Silly Putty and a wall creature for fun
  • A TMNT book or DVD is also a great favour for TMNT fans
  • Or a make your own TMNT costume pack would be fun too