Teddy Bear Birthday Party


The Teddy Bear Party is suitable for both girls and boys of a younger age. The party can be themed as a Teddy Bears Picnic, using rugs and a forest feel in the backyard, or in a park. The party can also include a Teddy Bear making task, using one of the many bear making companies. The young guests will also be able to bring their own Teddy Bears to enjoy the fun of the party.

Teddy Bear Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Teddy Bear Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • A Teddy Bear shaped cake can be decorated to be the birthday child’s favourite colour and it can be 3D or flat
  • You can decorate a square cake with toys that reproduce the Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Cake toppers will also create a masterpiece

The Food

Teddy Bear Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Honey ribbon sandwiches
  • Pots of chocolate to dip marshmallows and strawberries in
  • Chocolate coated teddy bear biscuits
  • White chocolate crackle bees with chocolate stripes and toffee wings
  • Teddy picnic pillows, puff pastry with savoury or sweet fillings
  • Magic vege forest with avocado dip
  • Teddy bear bread cut-outs with choc spread and sprinkles
  • Bear pop cakes
  • Patty pans filled with berries and lollies
  • Bear cupcakes
  • Tiny teddies in mini mars bar cars
  • Cupcakes with honey bees and flowers

The Games

Teddy Bear Birthday Party - Games Image

  • A treasure hunt for all the teddy bears and children, they can follow clues that are hidden in the trees and gardens , or find their own bear with individual baskets and clues to follow and gifts along the way to collect
  • Musical tree stumps with great foot stomping music
  • Adapt the traditional sack races to “bear bag” races for lots of fun
  • Fun lucky dips in a beehive
  • Pass the parcel with toy teddies at each unwrap and a special bear at the end
  • Egg and spoon races can be adapted to include and obstacle course in the magic forest
  • Pin the bee on the beehive entrance or put the honey pot in the bear’s hand

The Extras

Teddy Bear Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Checked picnic rugs with solid colours for cups, plates and napkins that can be personalised with stickers and labels set the scene
  • Build-a-Bear stores can be the lead into the teddy bears picnic
  • Stufflers is also a great activity for children and the bears they create can be taken home for the party favour
  • Gift bags can include some teddy bear accessories and personalised sweets
  • Helium balloons scattered around the picnic area, also creates a magical feel
  • Invitations can be based around a photo of the birthday girl/boy with their favourite teddy or custom made evite invitations can be used