Supermodel Birthday Party


This party is great for the tweens and can incorporate a lot of fun activities. It doesn’t have to be about the clothes and makeup, it can focus on the things the girls want to try and can inspire their creative side, through designing clothes and making accessories.  It may include a photo-shoot with a professional photographer, or just some fun happy snaps with their cameras or phones, that can then be printed and framed.

Supermodel Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Supermodel Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • A dolly varden cake
  • Beautiful cupcakes arranged in a favourite way
  • Ice-cream cake
  • A butter cake topped with the party girls favourite icing and fondant icing handbags, shoes, lipstick etc to decorate
  • Rainbow cakes with glittery decorations also work well for this party
  • For the creative cake makers – a cake shaped like a handbag, shoes, makeup or dress

The Food

Supermodel Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Star sandwiches and star biscuits
  • Scones with jam and cream
  • Caramel or lemon tarts
  • Pink lamingtons
  • Fruit and marshmallow kebabs
  • Milkshakes in tall glasses
  • Sparkling lemonade coloured with pink food colouring in champagne glasses
  • Fruit punch
  • Macaroons and meringues with sprinkles
  • Cheese platters with dried fruit and nuts
  • Tiny cupcakes with sparkles
  • Dips with vege sticks and crackers
  • Fairy floss on sticks
  • Ribbon sandwiches
  • Coloured or caramel popcorn in brightly coloured containers
  • Caramel and chocolate fudge
  • Toffees with sprinkles
  • Toffee apples decorated with star sprinkles
  • Mini hamburgers, hot dogs, pies and sausage rolls
  • Kebabs

The Games

Supermodel Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Choose a theme (eg, retro style or Hollywood style) and get some clothes, shoes and accessories from the Op shop and set the scene with some props, for a fantastic photo-shoot with their ipods or cameras
  • Or ask the guests to bring their favourite outfit for their own professional photo-shoot
  • The photos can be printed straightaway and the frames can be decorated
  • Manicures, pedicures, facials and hairstyles can be something they do themselves, or for each other.  There are also some great party entertainers who do the makeover aspect of the party really well
  • If the girls are into the ‘Top Model’ design books have a session on designing an outfit using the Top Model stencils.
  • Have some pretty card and other decorations for the girls to decorate notebooks to become their own ‘design books’
  • Perhaps they could make some accessories – bracelets, buckles or earrings that they then take home as the favour.
  • Lots of music for dancing and time for chatting is also a must

The Extras

Supermodel Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • The invitations and decorations for this party will be decided by the type of “supermodel” the birthday girl wants to be.
  • Use the “Top Model” stationary for the birthday girl to create her own personalised invitations for her friends.
  • Spot and stripes never go out of fashion, so be creative
  • Lots of fun colours and sparkling decorations will suit all choices, including retro, Hollywood and current fashion trends
  • Set the scene with large spot lights, that can be hired for the day and the use props that fit the party
  • A bubble machine for special effects
  • Some pop-up tents for dressing rooms and comfy chairs for the pampering
  • And a catwalk for the photos
  • A great party favour could be a cute little tote filled with some lovely makeup or The Body Shop has some wonderful gift sets
  • The favour could also be the design books or accessories the girls have made themselves at the party