Superhero Birthday Party


Superheros (and there are a lot of them to choose from) is a party theme that children will love. The thought of having super powers that can make you fly, be really strong or fast and do superhuman feats, will make every little hero’s imagination work overtime. Add a cape and a mask, lots of space and friends and you have the makings of the most memorable birthday party ever! Thanks to Groovy Suzy for the amazing face painting images.

Superhero Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Superhero Birthday Party - Cake Image

The cake pictured is from Kylie Marks Cakes in Wembley Downs, Western Australia and is just perfect !

  • Once you have decided on the superhero, the cake can then be made in the colours of the character and you can decorate it using the symbols of the superhero
  • If the theme of the party is a league of superheros, use a layered cake and each layer can then represent a character
  • Cake pops are a fantastic way to create each superhero
  • Cupcakes can also be decorated with the colours and logos of the characters, or you can get licenced superhero patty pans and then use coloured icing and sprinkles
  • Cake toppers are great if you want an easy alternative to making your own cake decorations
  • Use superhero toys to decorate the cake as well and then you just need to concentrate on getting the colours and logos looking good
  • Decorate a cake stand with a superhero cape, or mask for extra impact
  • Or make a layered cake that looks like a skyscraper and add the superheros climbing up the layers

The Food

Superhero Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Oreos on pop sticks dipped in candy melts and decorated with the superhero logos
  • Coloured popcorn in stripy containers
  • Toffee apples decorated to look like superheros
  • Twisties, chips, Cheesels, popcorn and lollies in cone shaped containers made from superhero comic strip paper
  • Fish and chips or chicken nuggets and chips wrapped in superhero comic strip paper
  • Fill different sized clear containers with a single colour lolly, then add eyes or masks to decorate each container
  • Sandwiches can be cut into bat or diamond shapes
  • Colourful smoothies or soft drinks with ice-cream floats
  • Freeze coloured ice cubes and let the children drop them into lemonade so they can have whatever colour they choose to drink (a little bit of magic)
  • Use mini push-up cake containers and layer them with coloured cake and icing
  • Marshmallows on skewers can also be decorated to look like a superhero
  • Dip sticks in coloured sugar crystals or use rock candy sticks – if they are green they can be kryptonite
  • Decorate biscuits with masks and logos or make some character biscuits and put them on a stick
  • Gingerbread men can be decorated to look like the superheros
  • Cupcakes with colourful icing and cake toppers
  • Licenced character cupcake containers filled with colourful fruit or on skewers look great
  • Coloured cordial in labelled water bottles – can then be used as part of the favour
  • Water bottles with labels are really cute or make some felt capes and put them over the neck of the bottle
  • Two coloured swirl biscuits on pop sticks
  • Ham, tomato paste and cheese scrolls or avocado/tomato and ham pinwheel sandwiches
  • Carrot and broccoli sticks with hommus dip or decorate a plater to look like a character or the logo
  • Make a nachos plater and use sour cream to outline the character or logo
  • And what superhero wouldn’t like a hotdog, sausage roll or party pie to keep up their energy

The Games

Superhero Birthday Party - Games Image

Thanks to Girls Outing for this great image

  • For this party let their imaginations do the work and just add a few props. Turn a large cardboard box (from a fridge preferably) into a telephone booth, or a series of large boxes into a cityscape. If you don’t have a good sized backyard, try a local park or somewhere where they can run and play – utilize park equipment for superhero fun too and to create an obstacle course
  • Costumes really help guests get into the spirit. Some capes and masks will inspire superhero adventures and link them with a treasure hunt, where they have to complete tasks such as saving an “injured” adult, climbing a “tall building" and capturing a baddy to get to the prize (guests can work as individuals or in groups – depending on their age)
  • Pin the mask, cape or logo on the superhero
  • Musical Logos – cut out some bats, a diamond Superman logo, etc
  • What’s the Time Spiderman? played like What’s the Time Mr Wolf?
  • Create an obstacle course that uses a variety of skills like running, jumping, knocking boxes over, climbing, balancing, sliding through tunnels and stepping in tyres or rings (great with some adult help or older children to do the first run as an example)
  • Attach some balloons to a wall or large board and use a sling shot to try and hit them, a small prize in the balloons could be a reward for accuracy, or fill a room/area with balloons and get the children to “blow-up” the baddies by stomping on the balloons and finding the prizes inside
  • Using a “bag of kryptonite” play the Hot Potato
  • Freeze Dance played like statues
  • Create a superhero Bingo game for when things get too much and an area for craft is also great for making masks or writing secret messages
  • A relay race where the guests get dressed in different costumes before they run the race
  • A piñata to give the superheros something to show their skill and agility on
  • And a photo booth that can either be created horizontally or vertically, would be lots of fun – for the horizontal version get the guests to lie on a blue sheet and pose as if they are flying through the sky with their capes flapping behind them and some rooftops below and clouds in front, or they can be jumping buildings or throwing large (papier-mâché) rocks and for the vertical version, a large fan to get their capes flapping

The Extras

Superhero Birthday Party - Supplies Image

Thanks to Pepixel for the Superhero invitation image

  • POW! BANG! CRASH! WHAM! and any other superhero sayings, are the creative signs you need for this party – use them for the food table and decorations for the party area
  • Once the superhero is chosen, or if you have a league of superheros, then you can choose the colour scheme for the decorations, party ware and accessories, but remember, the more colour the better and black or grey backgrounds will make everything “POP”
  • You can then turn the party area into a bat cave or spider web haven and another area into a training ground for superheros – use boxes from large appliance packaging and turn them into skyscrapers and phone booths
  • The invitation for this party needs to get everyone ready for the action. Use a mask or cape with the details of the party on the tag and ask the guests to bring it with them to the party
  • A traditional invitation with a photo of the birthday child dressed in costume, or a drawing that the child has done, is also fantastic
  • Try a cityscape back drop behind the party table. You could do this on a black plastic table cloth and then use a thick chalk pen for the silhouettes, or use coloured cardboard cut outs for the details
  • Lots of colourful balloons with superhero logos, masks and capes to decorate the party space
  • There are also lots of licensed products that can be purchased to add to the setup and you can also get banners, bunting and foil balloons (see our directory for some great party supply companies)
  • Decorate food containers with superhero masks and logos and wrap cutlery in black/grey and coloured serviettes, with superhero logos
  • Make the party bags from black/grey paper bags and add some masks and logos or use comic strip paper for the decoration, then fill them with lollies, comic books and superhero activities
  • A superhero book or DVD is also a great favour for these fans
  • Or a make your own superhero costume pack would be fun too eg. decorate a mask or some fabric pens to draw on a cape