Star Wars


There are many kids who eat, sleep and breathe Star Wars so this would definitely be their dream party.  This party can suit a wide age range, so just adjust the decorations and activities to suit the age group.  Or base the party around their favourite movie or character!   May the force be with you!  

Star Wars - Main Image

The Cake

Star Wars - Cake Image

  • There are some amazing cakes out there for the Star Wars theme – try some of the specialty cake makers on our site if you want something extra special or 3D for this theme, as they can be very complex.
  • The R2D2 cake featured, was cut from rectangular sponges and decorated to match the character.
  • Darth Vader cake tins are available and make great cakes.
  • There are also a range of cake toppers available, or you could use the star wars figurines to decorate a larger cake.
  • Or use cupcakes and put a light saber made from fondant on top or a white marshmallow, decorated with icing to make it look like a storm trooper head.
  • Another great idea is to make a chocolate death star (or half death star) – coat the inside of a large, oiled bowl in chocolate and let it set, turn it out and place lollies and treats under the upside down chocolate bowl. Decorate the outside with icing to look like a death star and let the birthday boy/girl smash it open (or destroy it).

The Food

Star Wars - Food Image

  • The trick with Star Wars party food is to rename normal food with star wars names eg. Intergalactic pizza or Jedi juice.
  • A popular drink is ‘Yoder soda’ – sprite with lime sorbet mixed in, makes a foamy green drink the kids love.
  • You can make light sabers from a range of food items eg. fruit sticks dipped in chocolate (pictured), pretzels dipped in candy melts, choc wafer rounds dipped in coloured white chocolate.
  • Meteorite chunks (choc chip cookies)
  • Death stars – cake pops with grey icing
  • Jabber the Hut chocolate mud – chocolate mousse in cups
  • Clone fries
  • TIE fighter sausage rolls (pictured)

The Games

Star Wars - Games Image

  • Pin the light saber on the Jedi or Yoder
  • A treasure hunt with clues written in ‘Yoder speak’ – make them search high and low – young Jedi’s have lots of energy
  • Light saber battles – make light sabers from pool noodles and let the battles begin. If you have the room they will generally spend quite some time playing their own Jedi games without much structure once they have light sabers in hand – the guest can then take theirs home with them as a favour.
  • Perhaps you could have Darth Vader (Dad or willing victim) turn up unexpectedly to increase the fun!
  • Destroy the Death Star – round piñata decorated to look like a death star
  • Thermal detonator pass (hot potato)
  • Jedi training course – have an adult Star Wars enthusiast put the young Jedi’s through their paces
  • Star Wars trivia – have them answer questions about characters, finish quotes, etc
  • Clone Wars – decorate half-filled plastic drink bottles with print outs of clones. Then get the kids to throw balls to knock them down or use a Nerf shooter.
  • Master says (Simon says)

The Extras

Star Wars - Supplies Image

  • Make invitations using quotes from the movies or written in ‘Yoder speak’ eg. ‘Invited you are….. to the party you must come…etc’
  • Or the invitation could start with –‘Seven years ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a young Jedi named _____ was born, etc’
  • Decorate using posters or ideas from the movies, or create a favourite scene or planet.
  • A tent in the backyard at night, decorated with glow paint, can also be a good alternative for the older children - then play some night games
  • Put a sign on the door saying “Jedi training centre”
  • There is lots of Star Wars themed, party merchandise available online too
  • You can make the light sabers from pool noodles and the children can take them home as favours and/or some easy to make Jedi tunics for the children to wear during the party and then take them home.
  • Other great party bag fillers are glow sticks, Star Wars stickers, paper masks, pez dispensers and popping candy.
  • The star wars website has lots of free printables and masks