Sleepover Birthday Party


You may want to consider a sleepover party for older children who have a few special friends that can be invited.  Expect a very late night and you will be guaranteed lots of laughs and lots of great memories. Be prepared with some “easy to organise” food and some movies to finish the night. Also, make sure you have plenty of room for the sleeping bags.

Sleepover Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Sleepover Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Star cake with lots of decorations and sparklers and iced in a favourite colour
  • Moon shaped cake with sparklers
  • Cupcakes that are easy to eat and can be arranged in a creative way
  • White icing on a rainbow cake (or a favourite type of cake) so that guests can use edible ink pens to write and draw on the outside
  • Use cake toppers and photos of the friends to decorate a basic cake and make it fun
  • Ice-cream cakes are always a hit
  • Or supply the cake/cupcakes, icing, decorations, sprinkles and lollies, and let them ice and decorate the works of art (they could then become an activity for judging - the most create, most beautiful, etc.)

The Food

Sleepover Birthday Party - Food Image

For Dinner :

  • Pizza, hot dogs, a sausage sizzle or fish and chips
  • Fruit juice and homemade lemonade
  • Cake for dessert
Evening Snacks :
  • Roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate or milkshakes – depending on the time of year
  • Popcorn and lolly baskets
  • Fruit, cheese and crackers platters
Breakfast :
  • Pancakes with fruit and berries or ice-cream and maple syrup
  • Bacon, eggs and toast for a BIG breakfast
  • Or cereal, juice and muffins

The Games

Sleepover Birthday Party - Games Image

For the girls :

  • Decorate and judge the cupcakes
  • Play twister for some fun
  • Make some “chatterboxes”
  • Lots of music and dancing
  • Guests can give each other manicures and pedicures
  • Craft and art activities
  • Wii competitions
For the boys:
  • Computer games (each guest brings their own laptop or device)
  • Xbox and PlayStation competitions
  • If you have room outside a few active games of their favourite sport, a swim, darts or something as simple as tag with a tennis ball
  • Depending on their age or interests set a couple of ‘challenge’ games to do individually or in groups– Cut holes in a strung up a tarp and label each with different points, they then need to throw a ball through and see who can score the most points.  Who can build a Lego model the quickest, who can make the most tin cans balance on top of each other or who can win Jenga!
For both:
  • Play some old favourite board or card games
  • Organise a scavenger hunt with clues that must be followed and a torch to go outside with
  • And to end the night a great movie to watch and fall asleep to (hopefully)

The Extras

Sleepover Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Attach the party details to a small torch (which can then be used for the scavenger hunt)
  • Remind guests to bring along – sleeping bag, pillow, pyjamas, toiletries, favourite music, movie or game, laptop and don’t forget clothes for the next day
  • Star shapes are a great option for the theming of the party and can be used as decorations with streamers – glow in the dark stars and glow sticks are great too.
  • If you have a media room, set it up for the movies and the sleeping bags
  • A special favour can include a personalised USB, some beautiful hand cream or perfume and sweets in a small overnight bag.
  • Or some music, games or a movie on the personalised USB, so that photos can be added and the memories created at the party can be stored