Science party


A science party is lots of fun and can also be educational. Plan ahead for your science activities, have helpers on hand to pour and measure and always try the experiments out first, before the party! Or you could use one of the great party entertainers that are available to run the activities for you.  Giving the guests lab coats, sets the scene and helps protect their clothes from the experiments!!  If the party is at night, see if you can get a black light for glow in the dark experiments and food.  (Styling by Sharnel Dollar Designs)

Science party - Main Image

The Cake

Science party - Cake Image

  • You could create eyeball or brain cakes
  • Use edible markers to decorate a cake covered in white icing with math formulas and science symbols
  • A volcano cake
  • Cupcakes with science symbols on top
  • Brightly coloured and layered, individual trifle glasses that can be arranged into the age of the birthday child
  • A chocolate piñata cake that is filled with lollies and can be smashed into pieces

The Food

Science party - Food Image

  • Green jelly slime cups
  • Fizzing drinks – soft drinks with a scoop of ice cream
  • Anything made with tonic water will glow under a black light.  Freeze tonic water with food colouring to make freaky ice cubes for drinks
  • Make your own molecules – get the children to make their own molecule with toothpicks, marshmallows, small pieces of fruit and lollies
  • Cookies in the shape of test tubes
  • Lollies in clear jars labeled with chemical symbols
  • Cake pops
  • Chips served in plastic beakers
  • Noodle boxes
  • Shaped fruit kebabs to resemble DNA

The Games

Science party - Games Image

The Extras

Science party - Supplies Image

  • Photo courtesy of Einstein's Top Secret Science - Perth
  • Invitations can be rolled up and given out in plastic test tubes.
  • Buy a pack of adult white t-shits and cut down the middle to make ‘lab coats’ – attach a hazard sign and some plastic goggles and you have a great costume.
  • Shiny helium balloons look great and can be used later in the party to change voices! Or blow up some disposable gloves for a great effect
  • Decorating the party area with radiation and hazard symbols will help set the scene, as does a chalk board with symbols and equations.
  • Give the guests the ingredients and instructions for a simple experiment to take home in their party bags
  • Party bag sweets can include lollies such as nerds, popping candy and pez dispensers
  • A scientific book can also be an interesting favour