Rainbow Birthday Party


A Rainbow Party is great for both boys and girls and will suit the younger age groups. Bright colours and lots of them will make any birthday party fabulously fun.  Entertainers such as face painters and magical Leprechauns will add to the quest for that pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow - they are also a wonderful way to keep the guests busy.  Some venues also have rainbow themed party packages available and a park will provide endless space for a fantastic event (and just remember ROY G BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet is the order and don't forget to add some pink).

Rainbow Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Rainbow Birthday Party - Cake Image

Rainbow themed parties can have all sorts of wonderful cakes, but remember bright colours are the key :

  • A colourful layered ice-cream cake covered in chocolate and lollies
  • A multi-coloured white chocolate mud cake iced in a favourite colour and decorated in rainbow straps and lollies
  • Using a sponge cake cut it into the shape of a rainbow and ice accordingly
  • Cupcakes iced with blue icing for the sky, with a rainbow strap on top and white icing to attach the strap and look like clouds.
  • Brightly coloured icing on individual cupcakes that are arranged in a rainbow
  • Or a rainbow cake covered in white icing and decorated with a ribbon so that guests can decorate it using edible ink and then see the colourful surprise when the cake is cut

The Food

Rainbow Birthday Party - Food Image

Bright and fun food is the way to go :

  • Coloured popcorn in striped buckets
  • Cupcakes decorated with bright icing and fun lollies
  • Fairy bread cut into hearts and stars or fairy bread pinwheels
  • Fizzy fruit punch and pink lemonade in glass bottles with striped straws
  • Fairy floss and toffee apples
  • Jelly cups or jelly cube lemonade
  • Fruit salad with ice-cream (mix some food colouring into vanilla ice-cream for some added punch)
  • Chicken drumsticks with coloured paper napkins wrapped around the ends
  • Cheese and ham pinwheels on coloured plates
  • Honeycomb popcorn clusters in brightly coloured cups
  • Chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with coloured ice-cream or icing and add sprinkles
  • Ice-cream cone cupcakes with bright icing
  • Fruit, berry and marshmallow kebabs, or display colourful fruit in a rainbow shape (use marshmallows for the clouds)
  • Beef and guacamole burrito bowls
  • Mini pies, hot dogs and sausage rolls with mustard and tomato sauce stripes
  • Ribbon sandwiches with colourful fillings
  • Ice-cream sundaes or soda spiders in see through containers
  • Mini pizzas with some colourful toppings
  • Make your own rainbow biscuits or sandwich together wafer biscuits with colourful icing

The Games

Rainbow Birthday Party - Games Image

Lots of games will keep everyone entertained and some craft will top off the fun :

  • Musical rainbow chairs with fabulous music
  • Find the pot of gold (chocolate coins) at the end of the rainbow.  Where pairs can be given a list of clues to find prizes, which can include personalised chocolates and colourful stationery or they can just follow the clues to find their own” pot of gold”
  • Pass the parcel which is wrapped with coloured paper and can reveal packets of colourful lollies at each turn and then provide a fantastic surprise at the end – Smiggle is always a hit and is very colourful !!!
  • A professional face painter is a lot of fun, or children can decorate each other’s faces with non-toxic face painting crayons
  • Decorate your own rainbow is a great activity for all, just provide a cardboard cut-out and let them loose, or for the little ones some great printable colouring in sheets work well
  • Make your own rainbow jewellery using beads or coloured pasta tubes or colourful elastic band bracelets
  • Or edible jewellery using Fruit Tingles and Fruit Loops
  • Pin the cloud on the start of the rainbow, or put the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • A lolly buffet where guests can decorate their own cupcakes or biscuits is lots of fun
  • Using rainbow coloured sand, guests can make their own “rainbow in a bottle” or you can even make rainbow sand in tiny bottle necklaces
  • Playing statues with a bubble machine get some of the energy out
  • Colourful balloon games are great fun too (see our blog for details)
  •  And a rainbow piñata filled with colourful trinkets and lollies
  •  There are also entertainers and magicians that can be hired for the day, so that children can interact and make wonderful memories – a photo booth to record the memories is also grea

The Extras

Rainbow Birthday Party - Supplies Image

Create the Rainbow Party feel with these ideas :

  • The invitations can be made to look like a rainbow and attach them to a bag of coloured popcorn, you can also ask each guest to come dressed in their favourite colour
  • A rainbow feel can be achieved by using streamers suspended from the centre of the room and then fan them out and let them fall to the ground - some fluffy clouds can also be dispersed around the room
  • Decorate a marquee with streamers and balloons for added colour, or if the party is in the park, hang colourful streamers and balloons form the trees and around the party area
  • Use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink colours for table cloths, cups, plates and napkins
  • A centrepiece for the table can be made by grouping helium balloons together and attaching them to a pot of flowers
  • A photo booth with a sky covered in fluffy clouds for the background and rainbow cut-outs for the guests to use as props, will capture a lot of fun memories
  • The party bag can include balloons, personalised sweets, bubbles, sherbet packets, coloured popcorn and fairy floss. You can also include rainbow pencils or other coloured stationery and some make your own jewellery packs or rainbow coloured elastic bands, so let your imagination go.
  • Or perhaps a little bag of chocolate coins - from the end of the rainbow of course!
  • Also think about the type of container for the favours – you can use small colourful buckets (metal or plastic) paper bags decorated in lots of rainbow colours (get the kids involved) or clear plastic favour bags tied with bright ribbons