Pony Birthday Party


Pony Parties are very popular with young girls. Whether they like ‘My Little Ponies’ or just love horses.  We also have a ‘Horse’ theme party ideas page for the older children. Pony parties work well in backyards or parks, but I have been to one at a tavern playground that had a carousel with horses.  You can also go vintage with this theme, using old fashioned farm decorations, or go pink, purple and sparkly with many of the pony party accessories available.

Pony Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Pony Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Use a pony shaped cake tin and decorate to suit what your pony lover likes.
  • There are lots of cake toppers available for the pony theme
  • Make a simple butter cake – or use a store bought cake - and decorate with pink, purple of yellow icing and use the actual pony toys as decoration on top
  • Cupcakes decorated in green for grass with icing flowers arranged around a pony toy is in keeping with the theme
  • And a photo of the birthday girl with her favourite pony as the cake topper is an easy alternative

The Food

Pony Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Cupcakes decorated with green icing and a small toy horse figurine placed on top
  • Cookie dough shaped into horse shoes and decorated with the theme icing colour
  • ‘Pony tails’ – Lollies available from supermarkets
  • Pink and white marshmallows dipped in chocolate
  • Pink lemonade with straws
  • Toffee apples
  • Make chocolate ‘medals’ by melting chocolate into circle shapes and threading through ribbon
  • Carrot cake cup cakes with fondant carrots for decorations
  • And fairy floss "hay" in stripped containers, are just some ideas

The Games

Pony Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Pony pinata’s
  • Pass the parcel
  • Hire a pony ride for entertainment or a balloon artist to make balloon ponies for the guests
  • Buy some old fashioned pony stick toys  - or make them from pool noodles. The guest can then ride them in races, obstacle courses etc – they can also take them home as the party favour.
  • Horse shoe toss
  • Find lost ponies – children find small hidden ponies – they can then take them home as the party favour
  • Use hay bales as alternatives to musical chairs
  • Decorate a pony mask, or make yourself a beautiful neck tie using checked fabric squares and fabric glitter glue and rhinestones

The Extras

Pony Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Invitations in a pony shape or covered in pony stickers – let the birthday child get involved and do this themselves
  • Pink cowgirl or straw hats make great favours
  • Decorate in farmyard style or go to town with pink and purple balloons, pink and purple table clothes overlaid on each other with the top layer scalloped
  • There are lots of great pony party decorations and favours available online both in the the ‘My Little Pony’ and general pony themes
  • A party bag filled with potato straw chips, chocolate stars, a checked bandana, bubbles and lollies
  • Don't forget to use a lot of hay, balloons and rope to decorate the party area to achieve a barnyard feel
  • If Little Ponies is the main theme of the party, a toy, book or stuffed pony will provide lots of joy for the guests