Pirate Party Ideas


A  Pirate Party can be an all-boys affair, however some swashbuckling girls can always join in the fun. The Pirate party feel includes a lot of black with some red and white for contrast. There are lots of great costumes, entertainers and party decorations and favours available for the Pirate theme.  There are also many parks that have climbing frames and equipment in the shape of pirate ships which help with setting the scene. Blow up or foam swords(available on line at some party supply stores) are always a hit, so sword fights don't end in tears! Scroll down to see ideas, shared parties and great businesses!

Pirate Party Ideas - Main Image

The Cake

Pirate Party Ideas - Cake Image

  • Pirate ship sailing the seas
  • A pirates face
  • Treasure chest with treasure spilling out
  • A treasure map
  • A sandcastle with pirate flags and treasure chest
  • Piñata cake
  • A cake decorated like a sandy island with a photo of the birthday child on top

The Food

Pirate Party Ideas - Food Image

  • Jelly cups with eyeballs or silly squid (lolly snakes)
  • Mini pizzas
  • Mini hotdogs with mustard and tomato sauce squiggles
  • Chicken nuggets or fish and star shaped chips in treasure chests
  • Fish shaped sandwiches
  • Tuna beach balls
  • Fruit punch in wine glasses
  • Chicken drum sticks  and burgers
  • Snake cupcakes or spider cake pops
  • Corn chips with salsa seaweed

The Games

Pirate Party Ideas - Games Image

  • Pass the booty bag, filled with swords, bandanas, guns and cannonball -hand balls.
  • Pin the patch on the pirate.
  • Digging for buried treasure in the sand pit.
  • Use the musical ‘x’ marks the spot or islands (instead of chairs).
  • Treasure hunt complete with a map and clues to follow in a bottle.
  • Make a telescope, hook hand or sword.
  • Walk the plank, with kids throwing balls or balloons to push others off course.
  • An all in balloon sword fight.
  • Pirate flag tag to tire them out.

The Extras

Pirate Party Ideas - Supplies Image

  • The invitations can be a map with burned edges.
  • A skull and crossbones or pirate flag can also be fun invitations.
  • Decorate the area with nets and balloons to recreate a pirate ship and timber stools for guests to sit on.
  • Table centre pieces can include snakes hanging from bowls or treasure chests with gold coins and treasure spilling out.
  • Some starfish, crabs, fish and skeletons will provide more atmosphere.
  • Gift bags can include and eye patch, bandana, chocolate gold coins, guns, swords and sticker tattoos.