Peppa Pig


Peppa pig and her family are a great birthday party theme for young boys and girls. Children love “jumping in muddy puddles” and George and his dinosaur roar, will add some extra party fun if you need it. There are lots of licenced party products that can be used for this party, but some cute pink and green decorations and accessories and some gumboots to play in will ensure all the guests have a fantastic time. The invitations can also ask the children to come as their favourite character. Peppa Pig Cake courtesy of Little Blue Sparrow

Peppa Pig  - Main Image

The Cake

Peppa Pig  - Cake Image

George Cake courtesy of  Little Blue Sparrow

  • A Peppa and/or George Cake and for the adventurous make it 3D
  • Piggy Cupcakes or use cake toppers to make it easy and then arrange them in the number birthday it is
  • A hot air balloon with Peppa and her family in it
  • Decorate a tiered cake with icing flowers and a Peppa Pig icing character
  • Or use some toy Peppa Pig characters on top of a cake that is surrounded by KitKats, tied with a ribbon and covered in colourful Smarties or “muddy” chocolate icing and include happy birthday cake bunting
  • Cake pop characters standing on top of the birthday cake

The Food

Peppa Pig  - Food Image

Photograph courtesy of Ruby Rabbit

  • Pots of “muddy” chocolate to dip marshmallows and strawberries in
  • Peppa and George cookies
  • Pikelets with sultana “bees” in them
  • Chocolate coated dinosaur biscuits
  • Toffee apples and fairy floss
  • Small colourful containers filled with berries and lollies and chocolate mousse
  • Piggy and other character cupcakes
  • Marshmallow teacups
  • Caramel popcorn in striped containers
  • Toffees with sprinkles
  • Pink lemonade drinks in bottles, with striped straws
  • Watermelon cut-out flowers
  • Marshmallow and strawberry kebabs
  • Peppa Pig character cake pops
  • Pinwheels with ham and cheese and fairybread pinwheels
  • Dinosaur nuggets
  • Chocolate crackles and choc chip cookies
  • Chocolate cups with wriggly jelly worms
  • Star wand cookies  and pink jelly cups
  • Chips and Twisties in stripy cups
  • Strawberries, musk sticks and marshmallows in pink and green small buckets
  • Chocolate spoons with sprinkles
  • Grandpa Pig vege sticks with dip
  • Green cordial Dinosaur juice and apple juice for Muddy Water
  • Ice cream cones with chocolate topping and sprinkles

The Games

Peppa Pig  - Games Image

Photograph from Pinterest

  • A treasure hunt for all the children to join in. Just hide some pictures of the characters in the garden and a little prize with each one, as the children may be too young to follow instructions
  • Musical muddy puddles (use cardboard and paint it brown and then cut out the shapes) with fun music
  • The Fall Over Game – play music and the children dance, when the music stops they all fall on the ground laughing like the pigs do in the show! The best laugher gets to stop the music the next time
  • Adapt the traditional sack races to gumboot races for lots of fun
  • Pass the Peppa Pig toy – when the music stops the child get to pick a prize from the treasure box, then every child is a winner
  • Pin the tail on Peppa or the glasses on Daddy Pig
  • Bobbing for apples is also lots of fun in the summer time
  • Mr Dinosaur Says as an alternative to Simon Says
  • Roar like a dinosaur competition
  • Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Pig – another version of Duck, Duck, Goose
  • If you have the room, create an obstacle course using gumboots, ropes, hoola hoops and add some water obstacles if the weather is hot
  • Create a craft corner for colouring in and for making masks of Peppa, George and some of the other character

The Extras

Peppa Pig  - Supplies Image

Photograph Courtesy of Ruby Rabbit

  • Invitations can be based around a photo of the birthday girl/boy with their favourite Peppa Pig character toy or use custom made invitations
  • Or attach a tag with party details to a mask, small toy or “muddy puddles” chocolate freckle in a little plastic bag with ribbon
  • Pink and green or red and blue are the colours you need for this party theme, then add some white spots and stripes to make everything complete
  • When setting the table use checked table cloths and add a synthetic grass runner in the middle
  • Striped or spotty party hats and a muddy puddles path will also get everyone excited
  • For a picnic feel, use checked rugs and baskets to decorate the area
  • Gumboots filled with pretty flowers also make a great centrepiece or just a great decoration
  • Helium balloons scattered around the picnic area, also create a magical feel and don’t forget the birthday bunting and paper pom poms
  • A dress up photos booth with a large frame for the photos captures beautiful memories
  • Gift bags can include Peppa Pig accessories and personalised chocolates
  • Or for a special treat, a Peppa Pig soft toy or book, with a photo from the photo booth as the thank you