Pamper party


Pamper parties are a hit with young girls and can also be a great ‘tweens’ option too!  This party is all about making it look and feel “girly” and special – but keep the activities simple so they can have fun and try to incorporate some active games and crafty alternatives into the “pampering”.  There are some great venues that are based around pampering the party guests and some businesses will even come to your home.

Pamper party - Main Image

The Cake

Pamper party - Cake Image

  • Stick to the pamper theme with cakes shaped as nail polish bottles, designer handbags, lipsticks or shoes.
  • The “Makeup Cake” is also popular and is usually a pretty shade of pink or purple and is topped with edible ribbons, bows, lipstick, eye shadows and make up brushes
  • Decorate a number cake in pink, purple, blue, or neon colours with lots of sprinkles and sparkles (use the favourite colour as the guide)
  • A cake covered in white fondant icing for the birthday girl and party guests to decorate using edible ink pens, is really memorable
  • A stand full of beautiful cupcakes can be an alternative to one big cake
  • Or let the guests decorate cupcakes and create the birthday cake

The Food

Pamper party - Food Image

  • A high tea or tea party works well for this theme –
  • Beautifully decorated tiny cupcakes
  • Delicate meringues
  • Colourful macaroons
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Melting moments and shortbread kisses
  • Butterfly cupcakes
  • Pink lemonade served in glass milk bottles with straws
  • Sparkly cake pops
  • Pink lamingtons
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Coloured popcorn in boxes
  • Mini scones or pikelets with jam and cream
  • Little custard or caramel tarts
  • Chips or fruit served in pretty cupcake wrappers
  • Mini sausage rolls and party pies
  • Spring rolls and sushi
  • Or  ‘pizza and pamper’  - which is great for a late afternoon party, or a sleepover

The Games

Pamper party - Games Image

  • Manicures and pedicures are a must – stock up on bright nail polish colours and enlist an adult to do their fingernails, or they can do each other’s.
  • Coloured hair spray and any other hairdressing accessories to try different hairstyles, or include some wigs
  • Makeup or face painting kits
  • Simple facemasks for the older party guests to make it even more special (always check for allergies and sensitive skin)
  • Necklace or bracelet making kits
  • Make your own lip gloss is another great table activity
  • Dancing activities such as musical statues, or corners (place a heart, club, diamond and spade in each corner of the room – children dance and when the music stops they must quickly move to a corner, draw a card, those standing in the suit drawn out, are out of the game – last one left wins.
  • Dancing with a bubble machine – and if the party is at night, consider party lights and glow bracelets
  • A photo booth is also great fun– hang a pink or neon crepe paper background and use a large, ornate frame that the girls can hold up while they show off their ‘new looks’ – props such as wigs, feather boas, hats and sunglasses make it even more fun.

The Extras

Pamper party - Supplies Image

  • Invitations can be shaped as a nail polish bottle, eye mask, handbag or lipstick, in the colour theme for the party. Then add lots of sparkles and glitter.
  •  When decorating the party, you can choose a range of colour options.  Consider a very pink theme, or a neon colour theme, or use the birthday girl’s favorite colour.
  • Drape plastic table cloths from the ceiling to create a boudoir atmosphere and add some mirrors and comfy chairs to enhance the setting.
  • Hang strips of crepe paper, or streamers on widows or in doorways to make a great back drop and cover the floor in balloons for the extra party feel.
  • Battery powered candles around the area also add to the atmosphere.
  • Set up the party area with stations for the girls to participate in the activities with a couple of chairs at each.
  • A lolly buffet where guests can make their own party bag is also fun and you can include a cupcake decorating activity in the same area.
  • Use funky items as party bags for guests - small hand bags, cosmetic purses, polka dot loot bags, pink noodle boxes (with handles)