Octonauts Birthday Party


Ocotonauts are a favourite cartoon show for the 3 to 5 year olds.  It is a great party theme as both girls and boys enjoy it. The Ocotonaut colours are blue and orange and these look great in photos. You can also incorporate pirate and under the sea decorations and games.  The website 'Under Sea Heroes' has fantastic ideas for Ocotonaut parties. www.underseaheroes.com

Octonauts Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Octonauts Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • The easy options for cakes are the numerous cake toppers which are available on line, use blue or orange icing and some pirate candles.
  •  The other option is to make a cake and use the toy figures, which are a nice cake size with sea creature lollies.
  • Or a jelly filled centre of a cake with a gup toy or the figures in it!
  • Cupcakes iced in blue with sea creatures on top will fit the theme
  • A cake in the shape of the child's age, iced in blue and decorated with the Ocotonauts

The Food

Octonauts Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Ocotonauts love to eat fish biscuits, so cookies made with a fish shaped cookie cutter are great, as are sea star shapes.
  • Blue jelly cups with sea creature lollies in the jelly.
  • Chocolate coins (Kwazii's treasure)
  • Arnotts now make shape biscuits as sea creatures!
  • Make cake pops or cupcakes into the heads of Captain Barnacles or Kwazii
  • Snakes alive oozing from a bowl
  • Cheesels in stripped cupcake papers
  • Noodle boxes with fish and chips
  • Fruit kebabs and homemade lemonade in blue plastic cups

The Games

Octonauts Birthday Party - Games Image


  • Pin the patch on Kwazi – draw or enlarge a picture of Kwazi and pin his patch on.
  • What's the time Whale shark?
  • Kwazi's treasure hunt with chocolate coins or Peso's search for sick sea creatures – hide pictures of sea creatures or sea creature lollies.
  • Make a decorator crab – photocopy crab outlines and let the children colour and stick things on.
  • Captain Barnacles says..... (like Simon says)
  • Follow the map to find the injured sea creature and follow the instructions to cure it
  • Gup races using pretend gups made from pool noodles
  • Shark tiggy

The Extras

Octonauts Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Blue and Orange are the best colours for an Octonaut party, blue table cloths with orange cups or paper plates work well.
  • It is also very easy to make your own jelly fish - blow up balloons with a marble in side and stick a band of crepe paper tentacles hanging down and suspend from the ceiling.
  • You can also make your own 'kelp forest' - simply take three green (or green and blue) plastic table cloths, layer them and then cut long strips, almost to the top (6 to 8 strips). Plait the three layers and hang from the ceiling!
  • A great party bag idea is to make Peso's medical bag - get the white Chinese noodle boxes, print out an octonauts band aid sticker on mailing labels and stick on the box