Lego Birthday Party


A Lego Party will bring a smile to every little boy’s face and will allow everyone to create a masterpiece. Lego Parties will also appeal to the older boys who are into Star Wars, Super Heroes and any of the other Lego products. With the new Lego Friends range, it will be hard to keep the girls away.

Lego Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Lego Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Bright icing on a rectangular shaped cake with some chocolate freckles arranged strategically will make a Lego block
  • Smaller cakes decorated as above and then arranged in either the child’s name or age
  • Colourful cupcakes with either a chocolate Lego piece, or the real thing, on top for decoration
  • A simple alternative is to use a cake topper, or a photo of the birthday boy with his Lego masterpiece

The Food

Lego Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Rectangular sandwiches with circle cut-outs on the top bread layer to reveal the filling
  • Party sausage rolls and pies with tomato sauce and/or mustard spots
  • Cheesels and Twities in colourful noodle boxes or cupcake papers
  • Layered rainbow cake slices
  • Mars Bars with Smarties attached on top for the Lego pieces
  • Colourful dips with vege Lego pieces for dipping
  • Colourful cupcakes decorated with Lego pieces – edible or not
  • Platter of fruit cut into lego shapes
  • Homemade lemonade in colourful plastic cups
  • Cheese and crackers made into stacks
  • Mini hot dogs with mustard spots
  • Bubbly milkshakes in rectangular cups with stripy straws

The Games

Lego Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Using a treasure map, each guest must follow the directions and find the Lego pieces and then make their Lego masterpieces, while for the older boys the chosen theme would guide the creation
  • Allow the guests free reign on the Lego so that the final product can be judged, or take photos of the guests with their works of art and give these as part of the party favour
  • Make cardboard cut-out Lego shapes and paint them in bright colours, then use these as an alternative to musical chairs
  • After the musical Lego pieces game, attach some rope to two of the pieces and create a “bib” front and back for a game of tiggy – the person that is in must wear the suit
  • Pass the Lego box with small Lego gifts along the way
  • A Lego piñata filled with lollies and Lego for the younger ones
  • An alternative to pin the tail on the donkey can be add the Lego piece to the structure – either in 3D or as a picture and a piece

The Extras

Lego Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Lego shaped invitations in bright colours
  • As an alternative, attach a tag with all the party details to a Mega Block
  • Lots of bright balloons and streamer for party decorations and if you can get shaped balloons – even better
  • Coordinate the tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, etc. in bright block colours to add to the theme
  • A great centrepiece for the table is a Lego creation and then scatters more pieces along the table for the guests to make their own or add to the original masterpiece
  • For the older boys who have a special Lego interest such as Star Wars, this will certainly guide all the party preparations
  • The party bag can utilise the photos from the make your own masterpiece, and then include some lollies or chocolates and a small Lego gift
  • A Lego pack in the theme of the party will be a treasured favour