A Halloween party can be lots of fun and a great alternative to trick or treating.  You can be really outrageous with the decorations, food and fun games. Remember to tailor the decorations and games to the age of your guests so you don’t frighten the little ones too much! If you are going trick or treating with your children see our blog for tips on how to do this. Thanks to Opulenticity Party and Buffet Styling for the great Monster High party picture which they styled for Halloween

Halloween - Main Image

The Cake

Halloween - Cake Image

  • Unless you are celebrating a birthday with your Halloween party, a traditional cake is probably not needed.
  • Cupcakes work really well as there are so many different designs you can make – ghosts, mummies, spiders, bats, witches hats, eyeballs.  Just gather your supplies of butter icing, royal icing, chocolate melts, licorice strips, marshmallows, smarties and writing icing and let your imagination run wild!!
  • Better still, lay it all out for the kids and let them design their own – perhaps print out some pictures to give them ideas.
  •  You could also turn the cupcake designs into a larger cake or make a cake in the shape of a bat, cat, pumpkin or witches hat, using a cake tin.

The Food

Halloween - Food Image

  • Lollies and other sweets are a big part of the Halloween tradition, think of creative and spooky ways to serve them.
  • A set of Halloween cookie cutters also gives you lots of options for spooky biscuits.
  • Hang packets of sweets from trees in the garden – a great game with torches at night.
  • Fingers in a cup – cocktail sausages in a cup with tomato sauce at the bottom
  • Eyeballs – marshmallows with an m&m or smartie stuck to the middle and red icing for bloodshot eyes
  • Skewered eyeballs – melon balls on a stick
  • Spiders or bats made from chocolate crackle mix and licorice strips
  • Toffee apples
  • And don’t forget a bubbly drink with red or black food colouring

The Games

Halloween - Games Image

  • Pin the tail on the black cat
  • Scary story relay – have the start of a scary story ready to tell to the children, set the scene (eg it was a dark moonless night…) then each child in the circle takes a turn to add to the next part of the story.
  • Ghouly guessing – Set up 4 bowls and put a t-towel or dark cloth over each, so the children can’t’ see the contents. Label each bowl and insert the following contents.  Eyeballs (peeled grapes), brains (damp coarse sponge), veins (cold cooked spaghetti) and cut off fingers (cocktail sausages). Each child should write down what they think is really in the bowls after they feel it– compare answers at the end. The fun is seeing their faces as they touch the contents of the bowls!!
  • Donut chomp – hang round donuts from tree branches or beams, children must try and eat them with their hands behind their back.
  • Bobbing for apples – perhaps one of the most traditional Halloween games, but probably better suited to our (almost) summer weather in the southern hemisphere! Put stemmed apples into a large bucket (it has to have a wide opening) of cold water. Children take turns trying to get apples with their teeth, while their hands are behind their back – anyone who gets one deserves a prize!

The Extras

Halloween - Supplies Image

  • Start with the invitations as cut out witches hats, pumpkins or ghosts. Let you guest know if everyone is expected to dress up!
  • You can find a large variety of Halloween decorations in most shops and you can really set the scene with glow in the dark skeletons, mummies, bats and witches on broomsticks, jack-o- lanterns, cobwebs and many other ghoulish paraphernalia.
  • If your party is at night, then minimal lighting with lots of glow sticks and torches really sets the scene.
  • You may like to set up some practical jokes for the kids to discover (eg. Skeleton behind the bathroom door or a dressed up parent randomly jumping out and about the party).
  • Fake cobwebs and hanging skeletons are great if your party is indoors.
  • And don’t forget some black streamers and balloons to help with the party atmosphere