Hairy Maclary Birthday Party


The Hairy Maclary books are very popular for younger children, especially if they love dogs and cats.  You can make the colour scheme to suit the age or gender of the child, vintage village decorations also works well, with checked table clothes and old fashioned candy dispensers.  There are lots of great games to play for this party based on the books and characters.  has some great free downloads.

Hairy Maclary Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Hairy Maclary Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Popular Hairy Maclary cakes are a round cake with fondant icing picket fence and either a cake topper of Hairy Maclary or a hairy look alike toy - even a Hairy Maclary made from licorice strips on top, will look amazing!
  • A cake made in a dog head shaped tin and decorated with cut liquorice strips.
  • You could even do a large cake shaped as a bone with the toy characters placed around the bottom.
  • Lots of Scarface Claw and other dog character cupcakes arranged on a tiered cupcake rack can be fun.
  • Or pretty flower decorated cupcakes surrounding a Hairy Maclary toy, could also do the trick.

The Food

Hairy Maclary Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Cookies made in the shape of bones
  • Tiny teddies and spotty dogs
  • Cupcakes made with cat or dog faces on them
  • Mini hot dogs or sausage rolls with stripy tomato sauce
  • Fairy bread cut into shapes
  • Drinks served with stripy straws
  • Set up an ‘ice cream shop’ and let the children choose the toppings for their ice cream cones
  • Ham and cheese pin wheels
  • Noodle boxes filled with chicken nuggets and chips
  • Twist together two licorice tubes to create a puppy tug-a-war rope
  • Caramel coated popcorn
  • Sausages wrapped in paper to look like they have just come from the butcher
  • Flavoured milk in little milk bottles with stripy straws

The Games

Hairy Maclary Birthday Party - Games Image

  • ”Out of the gate and off for a walk….. Take the party guests on a treasure hunt for sweets or Hairy Maclary’s friends – watch out for Scarface Claw though!
  • Craft around the book theme – make dog masks, or collage with cut outs of the characters
  • Follow the leader – have the children follow an adult and try walking (or barking) like the dogs in the story – eg. Big and bouncy for Muffin McLay and low to the ground for Schnitzel von Krumm
  • Run dogs Run – play music and the children dance around, stop the music and then they must run to the nominated rug or tree before ‘Scarface Claw” (an adult) catches them
  • Face painting to look like the characters
  • Tug-a-war
  • Puppy tiggy where everyone is on all fours - make sure you have soft grass to prevent sore knees

The Extras

Hairy Maclary Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Write the invitation on a cut out cardboard bone – turn the invitation into a rhyme like in the books
  • It can be harder to find Hairy Maclary extras – but you can add to the fun by the children making their own party hat or mask and choosing other accessories with dog or cat pictures
  • Create the "Donaldson's Dairy" farm yard feel by bringing in some hay bales for the kids to sit on and some flowering pot plants
  • Checked table clothes and napkins will help create the country feel
  • Baskets filled with flowers and stuffed cat and dog toys make a great table centre piece
  • has some free printable invitations, bunting and activity sheets
  • For the Party bags, paste a Hairy Maclary picture on white paper gift bags and tie with a tartan ribbon.
  • Treats to include may be, dog shaped lollies, little packets of Arnott’s spotty dogs, printed colouring pages of Hairy Maclary with a small box of crayons and bubble blowers are always good for this age group
  • A Hairy Maclary book or toy for each child would also be a treasured favour