Disney Frozen Birthday Party


Disney’s Frozen has become a very popular birthday party theme for both boys and girls. With beautiful princesses, cute characters and a magical setting, they can let their imaginations take them on a frosty, fun and fantastic adventure. A wintery backdrop, featuring Elsa and Olaf will ensure an unforgettable event. Add some creative games, clever entertainment and activities and the guests will be completely enchanted.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Cake Image

The Frozen birthday cake can be as extravagant or as simple as you wish.

  • A beautiful multi-tiered white and light blue ice castle
  • A magical snow scene decorated with fondant or plastic characters
  • Olaf cake
  • Elsa Dolly Varden cake
  • Cupcakes iced with blue icing and white snowflake sprinkles arranged on a stand or as a snowflake
  • Ice a tiered cake in white icing and use blue toffee shards for decorations
  • Creative cake toppers will also make a statement
  • Blue, white and purple layer cake with white icing and decorations, sprinkles and sparkles
  • Sugar crystal wands can also be used to creatively decorate a cake
  • Snowball or snowflake cakepops
Thanks to Kylie Marks Cakes (Perth) for this lovely example)

The Food

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Olaf cupcakes
  • Snowflake cookies
  • Snowball apricot balls
  • Oreo biscuits covered in blue and white chocolate with sprinkles
  • Ice crystal wands and fairy floss snow
  • Pretzels dipped in white chocolate or snowflake pretzels
  • White chocolate snowflakes
  • Vanilla ice cream in blue containers or ice cream cones with sprinkles
  • Blue soft drink with vanilla ice cream floats
  • Snowman popcorn cups
  • Strawberries dipped in white chocolate for “Anna’s frozen heart”
  • Vanilla milkshakes served in milk bottles decorated as Olaf
  • Blue iced donuts
  • Blue sprite punch
  • Marshmallows on a stick dipped in blue icing
  • Cheerio sausages with a sour cream dip for “Olaf’s noses”
  • Blue jelly cubes for “Kristoff’s Ice”
  • Pretzels for “Sven’s Antlers”
  • Blue, purple and white macaroons
  • Little pavlova Olafs
  • “Melted Snow” water bottles
  • Blue rock candy
  • Cheese slices cut into snowflakes using cookie cutters and placed on crackers
  • Frozen snack mix with blue and white M&Ms
  • White Christmas or white chocolate crackles

The Games

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Ice Painting – using black cardboard as the canvas. Then mix equal parts of Epsom salts and hot water as the paint. When it dries on the cardboard, crystals form.
  • Snowflake Treasure Hunt or “Valley of the Living Rock” Treasure Hunt
  • Decorate snowflake cookies or Olaf cupcakes
  • Build a marshmallow snowman
  • Marshmallow and spoon race
  • Snowball Toss or Snowball Bullseye
  • Make a Snowman Race - using toilet paper, scarf, hat and 3 buttons. Teams are to wrap one member in toilet paper and add the accessories – first finished is the winner.
  • Sparkly, snowball play dough
  • “Mitten Mayhem” relay or obstacle course where things are made difficult because of mittens on the hands and snow boots on the feet (or vice versa – be creative!)
  • Make some antler ears and have some reindeer races up the North Mountain
  • Pick up marshmallows with a straw, by sucking them us and moving them from one cup to another – teams can be organised here too
  • Cookies or cupcake and decorate with sprinkles and sparkles
  • Pin the nose on Olaf or the antler on Sven
  • Musical Frozen Statues
  • Pass the snow sack or snowflake
  • Make a snowman in a jar to take home
  • Make a snow dome with Olaf in a snow storm bottle or Frozen characters in a sparkly snow scene
  • A photo booth with props that create beautiful memories and are then framed and given as the favour

The Extras

Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • FThe invitations can be a snowflake cut-out or a snowman card
  • A make your own snowman kit can also be the invitation
  • Or attach the details of the party to a silver tiara
  • For a Frozen, wintery atmosphere stick to a silver, white and blue sparkly colour scheme
  • For a very special party area, hire a white marquee and fill with fake snow for the guests to play in and have the dessert table and eating area in
  • Use snowflake cut-outs to create a path for guests to follow and then enter the party area through a glittery curtain
  • Cotton balls threaded on fishing line hung from the ceiling
  • A snowflake tree centrepiece with mini marshmallows sprinkled around as snow
  • Braches painted white and blue with glitter placed around the party area
  • Clear shower curtains look like sheets of ice
  • Snowflake birthday bunting
  • White paper chains
  • Olaf balloon characters
  • Cardboard cut-outs of the character to set the scene
  • Hang strings of crystals from tree branches
  • Create and ice castle backdrop
  • Fairy lights for a very magical effect
  • Favours could include a make a snowman kit, or a make your own bracelet and necklace set with blue beads and snowflake charms
  • A Queen Elsa cape and headband for an extra special thank you
  • And don’t forget the photo booth pictures as an added thank you