First Birthday


The First Birthday Party is all about you – you’ve made it and what a beautiful child you have. Even though you will have lots of photos of the birthday child with their little friends and everyone will make a fuss, the party is all about celebrating this amazing milestone.

First Birthday - Main Image

The Cake

First Birthday - Cake Image

  • Decorate the number one, with sprinkles, sparkles and other creative accessories
  • Make a rainbow cake and decorate in a imaginative way with spots or stripes
  • Arrange multi-coloured cupcakes either on a layered stand or into the Birthday child’s name
  • Use cake toppers and photos as an easy, yet effective alternative

The Food

First Birthday - Food Image

(for the children always check for food allergies)

  • Melon balls
  • Teething rusks
  • Yoghurt and or ice-cream cup
  • Muesli bars
  • Apple juice
(and for the adults)
  • Champagne with strawberries
  • Croissants with chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise
  • Ribbon sandwiches
  • Cakes and sweets of all descriptions
  • And if hot food is required – noodle boxes, curry boats or fish and chips
  • Always think easy to serve and easy to clean up after, foods

The Games

First Birthday - Games Image

  • At this age the children don’t really play together, they are more likely to explore and “do their own thing”. So make sure you provide a safe and secure environment, with a few toys and activities to interact with.
  • Alternatively, a beautiful backdrop for a photo booth will provide the opportunity for guests to create a beautiful photo to remember the event.
  • You can also choose some games, such as pin the halo on the angel, that parents can help the children with and enjoy the interaction
  • Or set up an area where the children can play with block or soft toys
  • A time capsule is also a great activity for parents to create a special memory for their child and the birthday child, by placing a messange and/or a photo inside, which can then be opened at a 21st Birthday

The Extras

First Birthday - Supplies Image

  • Use pastel colours and simple shapes for the decorations and the invitations
  • Keep the decorations simple and safe and make sure balloons and streamers are out of children’s reach
  • Party hats are a fun idea and a bubble blowing machine will provide lots of entertainment
  • Remember to schedule the party around nap times so that the guests are happy
  • A beautiful book, such as “Guess How Much I Love You”,  with an inscription is a wonderful party favour
  • Or a framed photo from the photo booth, is a great memory