Farm Birthday Party


Farm parties can be so much fun to create and enjoy for both boys and girls! Creating the farm ‘feel’ is easy with the right props, decorations and lots of hay. Having an animal nursery visit is great, but you can also make this party happen with a picnic rug in the park or backyard, some stuffed, or plastic farm animals and some enthusiastic children. You could base the party around the child’s favourite animals and there are lots of great games to play!

Farm Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Farm Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Create a green paddock cake with Kit Kat ‘fencing’ around the edge, use icing animals or small plastic ones to decorate on top
  • Choose your child’s favourite animal and create one big cake to look like that animal
  • If your child likes all the animals – why not decorate cupcakes with a few different animal faces and arrange them on a multitier cake stand
  • A rainbow-layered cake with smooth white fondant icing can be decorated with farmyard animals drawn by the birthday child and guests, using edible ink pens
  • Cake toppers are an easy alternative
  • And for the professionals, a farmyard barn with animals for decorations

The Food

Farm Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Little food parcels (perhaps a sandwich, lollies and/or biscuits) wrapped in checked cloth and hung from a stick – so they can put it over their shoulder and walk to the picnic rug!
  • Farmer’s mud – little pots of chocolate mousse with little spade shovels
  • Milk drinks served in old fashioned little milk jars (available online) with straws
  • Serve lollies in the trailer of a toy tractor
  • Mini frankfurters (cheerios) with tomato sauce to dip them in
  • Have a look at your local supermarket for farm animal shape biscuits or lollies
  • Straw – French Fries (packet potato chips/crisps) in a trough (a long narrow container)
  • Cupcakes with animal faces or little flower decorations
  • Noodle boxes filled with Cheesels
  • Homemade lemonade served in bottles with stripy straws

The Games

Farm Birthday Party - Games Image

  • For the young ones sing a few rounds of “Old McDonald had a Farm” and let them take turns at choosing the animals, followed by an animal hunt with hidden farm animals.
  • Guess the animals – place plastic farm animals in a cloth bag, each child reaches in (without looking) picks an animal, feels it inside the bag and then has to guess what it is.
  • Animal dancing – (print out or draw some pictures of farm animals on some cards) play some music and encourage the children to dance around, stop the music, show an animal card and when the music starts again the children have to pretend to dance like that animal and make the noise!
  • Back in the paddock – One child is the farmer and stands in the paddock (marked out with some rope or a hose) the other children stand on one side of the paddock and when the adult says ‘stampede’ they must run through the ‘paddock’ to the other side.  The farmer must try and catch them. The caught "animals" must stay in the paddock and help the farmer catch more "animals"
  • Animal charades – show one child a picture of an animal – the child then acts like the animal and the others have to guess what it is.

The Extras

Farm Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • The invitations can be in the shape of the birthday child’s favourite animal, or lots of different animals
  • A 3D barn with the details of the party printed on farm animals inside, is a fun invitation
  • Attach a tag with all the party details to a toy tractor, or animal
  • When decorating the backyard or park, create the farmyard feel by using lots of hay, brightly coloured balloons and streamers and then add some flowering pot plants
  • Coordinate the tablecloths and blankets in a check pattern and then use bright block colours for everything else
  • Little plastic farm animals, or small containers of bubbles with farm animals on top, lollies and chocolates wrapped in a checked, square piece of fabric and tied with some string, makes a great party bag
  • A lovely farm themed book with a thank you from the birthday child inside is a wonderful favour, or you could use a CD or DVD of the ABC’s Max and Millie Show.