Fairy Birthday Party


Little girls will enjoy the magical atmosphere and imaginative play that a Fairy Party will bring. This party theme will provide the opportunity to create a wonderful woodland forest that the birthday girl and her guests will get lost in, but there is always room for a number of elves to join in the fun. The Fairy Party can include all the magic and wonder that your imagination can produce.  (Picture styled by Sharnel Dollar Designs)

Fairy Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Fairy Birthday Party - Cake Image

The Fairy Party cake can be a magical and enchanting work of art :

  • An enchanted forest toadstool decorated with lollies
  • A fairy doll cake, or ice-cream cake decorated with ribbons, bows, flowers and magical sprinkles
  •  Fairy cupcakes with small toy fairies in each one decorated with icing and sparkles and arranged as the age of the birthday fairy
  • A magical cupcake enchanted forest with edible glitter and fairy floss
  • A sparkling wand with precious gemstones
  •  A rainbow cake inside with lots of pink icing, sparkles and a cake topper
  • Fairy dust cake pops
  • Colourful magical cupcakes arranged in the age of the child

The Food

Fairy Birthday Party - Food Image

A magical and enchanting Fairy Party can include a variety of foods :

  • Fairy floss cupcakes
  • Fairy marshmallow cupcake biscuits, oozing chocolate sauce
  • Colourful marshmallow and strawberry kebabs
  • Butterfly biscuits and, or cupcakes
  • Teacups with liquid chocolate for dipping strawberries and marshmallows
  • Chocolate fudge brownies
  •  Toffee apples or chocolate and sprinkles dipped apples and fairy floss
  • Coloured popcorn in glitter cups
  • Ribbon and pinwheel sandwiches, with fillings that cover all tastes
  •  Butterfly fairy bread or pinwheel  fairy bread
  • Pink lemonade served in bottles with stripped straws
  • Fairy wand biscuits with sprinkles and sparkles
  • Coconut ice and pink crispy mallow meringues
  • Flower cake pops
  • Pink lamingtons
  • Toadstool cupcakes

The Games

Fairy Birthday Party - Games Image

Fairy Party games played in an enchanted forest will ensure a magical experience for all :

  • Balloons filled with confetti and a secret message can lead each fairy to a special gift.
  • Dancing competitions around a fairy ring or the statue game can be accompanied by a bubble blowing machine.
  • Pin the garland or the wings on the fairy, put the acorn on the elf’s head or pin the tail or horn on the unicorn will bring lots of joy.
  • Guests can decorate their own fairy flower, crown, wand or wings, which can also be included in the party bag.
  • Hiring entertainers such as a magical fairy or crazy magician can also add to the party fun.
  • And face painting will always be a hit.
  • Pass the fairy bag with treasures to choose from will provide great surprises.
  • Musical toadstools or cut-outs.

The Extras

Fairy Birthday Party - Supplies Image

The Fairy Party will be a magical experience full of sparkles and glitter and most importantly joy :

  • The invitations can be placed in special bottle filled with fairy dust and can use fancy text, lots of glitter and sparkling gemstones.
  • For something different a card with all the party details can be attached to a fairy wand.
  • Use your backyard and some potted trees to encourage the fairies and elves to use their imaginations and create magic – strategically placed stuffed animals with balloons attached will provide lots of surprises.
  • A unicorn or rainbow piñata, filled with sparkly sweets, necklaces and rings will add to the fun.
  • The party bag can be a fairy’s purse filled with jewellery, stationery, feather tipped pens, lip gloss and body glitter for the girls and bubbles.
  • Alternatively, the party favour could be a fairy or elf costume with coloured jiffies.
  • A photo booth with costumes for fairies.