Doctor Who Birthday Party


Doctor Who is a great party theme for both boys and girls, aged 5 to 55. Guests can be kept entertained with time travel, monsters and aliens and there are some great characters too. If you are thinking of a dress-up party, this is also a great theme.  Everyone will have a ball, taking part in Time Lord Adventures, playing alien games and eating space food. Thanks to Tammy from Mystique Cake Creations for the great Dalek cake photo

Doctor Who Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Doctor Who Birthday Party - Cake Image

Doctor Who is a great theme for a fancy cake:

  • Make the Tardis or a Dalek cake, making it 3D, or use some creative icing on a rectangular cake
  • Blue velvet cupcakes with white icing and blue star sprinkles, or use some great character cake toppers
  • Create the solar system with the Milky Way and planets
  • Cake pops will also make a great solar system, or turn them into the characters

The Food

Doctor Who Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Weeping Angel cookies or gingerbread men decorated like Doctor Who and other characters.
  • Tardis rectangular cake pops
  • Cupcakes decorated with blue icing
  • Make your own Doctor Who chocolates and Rolo “Fez” chocolates wrapped in red and green foil
  • Blue fizzy drinks in bottles with stripy blue straws
  • Adipose Marshmallows using black icing for the face and small marshmallows for the arms and legs
  • “Fish custard” tacos
  • Custard in small cups with Sponge Finger Biscuit for dipping – “fish custard”
  • Doctor Who decorated popcorn cups with coloured popcorn and chips
  • Tardis blue drink with floating yellow stars
  • Sonic drink – green cordial
  • Doctor Who Lasagne
  • Blue jelly with green peanut M&M’s, 100’s and 1000’s, stars and other sprinkles set in a jar with a red bow ribbon and spoon
  • Fish custard – yellow jelly with blue fish
  • “Baker’s” scarf – red, brown, yellow, green jelly set in a tall glass with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  • Ood Rolls – small bread rolls with ham tentacles and olive eyes
  • Pizza planets and Dalek Donuts
  • Jelly Babies, celery sticks and salami sandwiches
  • Picture from our Pinterest board

The Games

Doctor Who Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Musical Planets where the planets get sucked into a black hole at each mysterious music stop
  • Pin the red bowtie on The Doctor or doorknob on the Tardis
  • Pass the “Fez” or a Tadis lucky dip
  • Musical statues
  • A Doctor Who quiz where guests name the characters and aliens from a description.
  • A Doctor Who treasure hunt or a team race where individuals or groups must be the first to save the doctor
  • Tag – where participants are tagged by the “baddies” and released by The Doctor
  • A Tardis piñata
  • Or a craft station where guests can make a mask or monster using some household recycling materials
  • For an older crowd a Time Lord Twist would also be fun
  • The BBC Doctor Who website also has some great online games
  • A photo booth could also be used to recreate some of The Doctor’s adventures with some clever props
  • Picture from our Pinterest board

The Extras

Doctor Who Birthday Party - Supplies Image

There are a lot of official Doctor Who products that can be used, however you can also create an amazing party using some clever ideas

  • Set the scene right from the start by sending a fun invitation eg. “…come to my party and travel to another dimention”,  “…come to my party or you will be exterminated”, “this party is going to be out of this world …”
  • Use a Tardis, Cyberman or Dalek invitation
  • Or encourage guests to come in costume, by making the invitation a mask that can be reused in a Doctor Who and friends versus enemies and aliens encounter
  • Use lots of stars, planets, blue, black and gold for decorations, balloons, table cloths, etc. to create an outer space atmosphere
  • Helium balloons for a centre piece, banners, hanging swirls and streamers are great decorations
  • Life size cardboard cut outs of The Doctor and the other characters placed in the area
  • And the party bags can have a Time Lord twist by using crazy lollies, stickers, balloons and slime
  • A Doctor Who T-shirt or a space themed Lego pack for a very special favour
  • And photos from the photo booth with a thank you message for a great memory
  • Picture from our Pinterest board