Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party


Minnnie and Mickey Mouse are just two of the most successful Disney characters and have been a popular party theme for many years. Boys and girls will love this party theme and you can introduce other characters to complete the Disney party fantasy.  This party could also be based on the Disney Clubhouse and the guests could be the Mouseketeers. Thanks to Tiny Tots Toy Hire for the picture of their props - find them in our directory.

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party - Main Image

The Cake

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party - Cake Image

  • Minnie and Mickey Mouse 3D character cakes are always a favourite
  • Decorate the cake with all the Disney Characters around Minnie and Mickey
  • A Mickey or Minnie ears smash cake
  • Cupcakes in red patty pans, decorated with white icing and mini Oreo biscuits for ears, arranged on a tiered cake stand
  • Use Mickey and Minnie toys on top of a cake that has been covered in red icing and then use white chocolate melts for spots
  • Character cake toppers are an easy way to make a cake look fantastic
  • Cake pops are great
  • A number cake decorate with the Disney characters
  • And remember, if it is Minnie that is the focus of the party, pink with white spots is a great cake colour scheme

The Food

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party - Food Image

  • Cute character cupcakes
  • Fairy bread and little sandwiches cut into shapes like Mickey’s head
  • Fruit cut-outs, especially melons, on sticks
  • Fizzy fruit punch and pink or red lemonade in glass bottles with striped straws
  • Red fairy floss and toffee apples decorated to look like the characters
  • Red Slushies in Disney character cups with crazy straws
  • Chicken drumsticks and mini hot dogs wrapped in spotty napkins
  • Cheese and ham pinwheels shaped with round ears on top
  • Ice cream cones with chocolate icing and Oreo ears (add some sprinkles for fun)
  • Coloured popcorn in spotty buckets
  • Beef and guacamole burritos in spotty bowls
  • Mini hamburgers with the meat patty shaped as a Mickey head
  • Strawberry and vanilla ice-cream sundaes in containers decorated with characters
  • Chocolate mousse in red pots with a ribbon tied around them and chocolate melts for ears poking out
  • Chocolate crackles with chocolate ears or chocolate fudge cut into character shapes
  • Coloured macaroons decorated to look like the character heads
  • Dips with vege sticks and crackers in spotty containers
  • A layer of thin red jelly set quite stiff and cut out into Mickey head shapes and served on ice-cream

The Games

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party - Games Image

  • If you are going for the Clubhouse theme, some Karaoke competitions will be outstanding
  • A professional face painter is a lot of fun, or children can decorate each other’s faces with non-toxic face painting crayons
  • Pin the bow on Minnie, or the ears on Mickey
  • Musical black spots or Mickey ears (cut out and paint some cardboard)
  • Disney character bingo
  • A treasure hunt that gets the guests to answer some simple little Disney character questions along the way
  • Try an obstacle course, where guests are dressed in character costumes
  • A competition to decorate cupcakes to look like a Disney character
  • Some craft will provide some time out and you can include decorating or making Mickey ears headband or hat and Minnie bows
  • Hiring a jumping castle will provide hours of fun
  • And a lucky dip is an alternative to pass the parcel

The Extras

Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Party - Supplies Image

  • Red, white and black are the colours for this party or pink and white if you are concentrating on a Minnie Mouse theme
  • The invitations can be made to look like one of the characters, or attach a tag with the details to a small bag of fairy floss
  • A clubhouse member’s lanyard is a great invitation or Mickey ears headbands with the party details attached
  • The Mickey and Minnie Mouse atmosphere can be achieved using lots of streamers and balloons and lots of red and white or pink and white spots
  • Some spotty bunting will also be a great decoration
  • Use white as the background and then add red and white or pink and white spots for the table cloths, cups, plates and napkins – some black highlights will also be great
  • Centrepieces for the table can be made using plush toys with helium balloons attached
  • Character helium balloons are lots of fun and can become a part of the favour at the end of the party
  • A photo booth with a spotty background and character dress ups and Mickey and Minnie ears will capture a lot of fun memories
  • A Disney book is a great thank you gift, as are any of the many toys available
  • The party bag can include balloons, personalised sweets, bubbles, silly straws, fairy floss and any of the many Disney souvenirs, so let your imagination go