Disco – Rockstar Birthday Party


The Disco party is perfect for the girl who loves to dance. It is a great theme for the ‘tween’ years, and a great excuse to dance and act like they are at an adult party, yet still play fun games and have treats – which they really love!

Disco - Rockstar Birthday Party - Main Image

The Cake

Disco - Rockstar Birthday Party - Cake Image

  • Disco ball cake or disco ball on top of the cake
  • Neon icing and glitter sugar make great decorations
  • Cake toppers of their disco or pop idol
  • Colourfully decorated cupcakes arranged on a tiered stand and sprinkled with stars and edible glitter
  • Cake pops iced in a favourite colour, or a variety of bright colours and then covered in silver and/or gold couchets and arrange in a crocenbouch style

The Food

Disco - Rockstar Birthday Party - Food Image

  • Disco ball cake pops
  • Ice cream, microphones
  • Wedges with dips
  • Coloured popcorn in cute containers
  • Ring pop lollies – Lollie diamond on a ring
  • Freckles
  • Ice cream spiders- soft drinks with a scoop of ice cream
  • Cookies in the shape of musical notes or instruments
  • Party pies and sausage rolls dipped in tomato sauce for extra energy
  • Noodle box surprises - the party girls favourite food, hot or cold

The Games

Disco - Rockstar Birthday Party - Games Image

  • Although this crowd is getting older they still love some old favourites
  • Musical statues
  • Karaoke
  • Limbo
  • Costume corner with wigs, feather boas, beads etc
  • A photo booth is a great chance to act it up
  • Celebrity heads -with their favourite music stars is a great way to calm things down for a while!
  • Corners – when the music stops, all must go to a corner (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs) draw a card – only those in that corner go to the next round
  • You could also hire a photographer who specialises in model/dancing shoots, which can then provide each guest with a professional photograph as a memory

The Extras

Disco - Rockstar Birthday Party - Supplies Image

  • Sparkling invitations with glitter in the envelope, start the fun
  • Silver and gold balloons and streamers
  • Hire an actual disco ball or smoke machine to really get them moving
  • Neon glow stick are a must
  • Giving each child a glitter wig helps with the atmosphere
  • Party ‘handbags’ with lip gloss, pens, notepads or a CD of the songs from the party