There is a lot you can do with a cars themed party.  You can base it around your child’s favourite characters, a part of the movie, or just do cars and trucks in general!  One thing is for certain, this crowd is going to love a lot of noise and action, so lots of fun activities, as well as time for play is a must.

Cars - Main Image

The Cake

Cars - Cake Image

  • If you are creative, 3D replicas of a favourite character looks great.
  • There are store bought Lightning McQueen replica cakes available – but our hint is to have a second cake for eating!
  • Make a large rectangular cake and decorate with chocolate icing, chocolate crackle boulders and licorice strip roads, finish off with small toy cars for decoration.
  • Multilayer round cakes with a ‘road’ going up the layers, also looks great.
  • Or perhaps a round donut shaped cake, decorated to look like a tyre with toy figures around the top.
  • There are also lots of great cake toppers available, you can also have them personalised with your child’s name or age.
  • Simple cup cakes with red icing and small checkered flags on toothpicks also look great on a stand.

The Food

Cars - Food Image

  • Anything that is cars related, or is a car accessory, works for this party.
  • Traffic light biscuits – rectangular biscuits with red, organs and green m&ms on them
  • Pizza scrolls – renamed Luigi’s tyres
  • Re-label apple juice as Flo’s juice
  • Red lemonade rocket fuel, in bottles
  • Hot dogs and sausage rolls
  • Black and white lamingtons to form a checkered flag
  • Traffic light sandwiches – rectangular shapes with circles cut out of one side and tomato, carrot and cucumber filling each circle, add some ham underneath for extra flavor
  • Licorice allsorts
  • Tool shaped cookies, iced creatively
  • Fruit kebabs made from apricots, red and green grapes

The Games

Cars - Games Image

  • Set up a “pit stop” where the children can make their own racing cars from cardboard boxes. It’s best to have all the sections already precut and painted, so that children just have to assemble the final product.  This activity is great fun and the car can then become the favour.
  • Create an obstacle course, race track in the backyard and let the new racing cars go for it.  If you aren’t making race cars, give guests a paper plate steering wheel - everyone will have just as much fun.
  • Musical tyres – cut tyre shapes from black cardboard and lay them out to play musical tyres
  • Tyre toss – get the spare tyre out of the car – set it up for the kids to throw balls, or bean bags into. This also makes a great decoration to set the theme
  • Ramone’s Body Shop – open up a large cardboard box and cut it into the shape of one of the characters. Set it up with paint and other accessories for the children to decorate during the party.  The finished creation then makes a great back drop for photos at the end of the party

The Extras

Cars - Supplies Image

  • Black, red and white are the main colours for this party. Decorate with red tablecloths and black checkered flags.
  • Invitations could come on checkered flags, or in the shape of a car
  • Attach a tag with the party details to a toy car or truck
  • There are some fabulous decorations for a cars theme party, available online
  • Lots of red, white and black balloons and streamers add to the fun
  • Favours could include, cars sticker books, colouring pencils,  lollies and Cars chocolate lolly pops
  • The Cars DVD or toy will be enjoyed for ages
  • There are Cars themed pencil cases and stationery, that can also be included in the party favour