Beach Party Ideas


A Beach Party is great for both boys and girls and can be made suitable for a variety of age groups. It is also a great party whether or not you have a pool or sand pit in the back yard, just some room for a paddling pool or plastic clam shell with sand, better still have some sand delivered (top dress the lawn after!) so that the children can build some sandcastles – which can then be judged , or have a great time digging for buried treasure is all you need to create some fantastic memories.

Beach Party Ideas - Main Image

The Cake

Beach Party Ideas - Cake Image

Some ideas for a Beach Party birthday cake can include :

  • A sandcastle with mermaids and shells
  • A lifesavers ring
  • Barbie at the beach on a towel with an umbrella
  • The age number decorated with “water” icing and lolly fish with m&m bubbles other under the sea decorations
  • A cake decorated like a sandy beach with a photo of the “birthday kid” on top – Demerara sugar is great as fake sand

The Food

Beach Party Ideas - Food Image

  • Colourful fruit kebabs
  • Ham and pineapple mini pizzas
  • Mini hotdogs with mustard and tomato sauce squiggles
  • Stripy donuts
  • Caramel popcorn in a noodle box
  • Blue jelly cups with fish lollies, blueberry rocks and mint leaves seaweed
  • Gingerbread boys and girls with bikinis and board shorts icing
  • Chicken nuggets with starfish chips
  • Fish shaped sandwiches
  • Coloured popcorn in a bucket
  • Tuna beach balls
  • Flip flop biscuits
  • Fruit punch with cocktail umbrellas

The Games

Beach Party Ideas - Games Image

  • Pass the “beach ball” parcel with small gifts of zinc, groovy hats, funky sunglasses, blow-up beach balls can be included at each reveal.
  • A child’s blow-up pool can be filled with water and used as a fishing game, using toy rods and fish, or you can make your own without the water and use magnets on the homemade rods that can catch fish with paperclip mouths
  • Pin the tail on the mermaid, or dolphin, or fish
  • Building sandcastles in the sand, or digging for buried treasure
  • Use the musical chairs game and customise it to musical shells, or beach balls.
  • Don’t forget to limbo to some beachy music and make some flower necklaces
  • A beach themed jumping castle is fun.
  • If you have a pool, some diving games and underwater statues are heaps of fun

The Extras

Beach Party Ideas - Supplies Image

  • Stripy orange, yellow and blue table cloths teamed with solid colour cups, plates and napkins will look great
  • Decorate the area with beach umbrellas and beach towels and don’t forget to suspend some balloons in a net, that can be released onto the guests as the cake is cut
  • Flower necklaces for guests to wear and take home are colourful and fun, or they children can make their own with some fake flowers tied together with string
  • The invitations can be customised by having the birthday girl/boy draw their favourite memory of the beach and then scanning and printing as the background
  • Gift bags can include beach toys, sunglasses, neon zinc, colourful hats, beach towels and some personalised sweets