Baby Shower


For all expectant mums, the Baby Shower is a way to spoil them and make them feel special before their bundle(s) of joy arrives.  It is also a great opportunity to share some helpful hints and tick off some of the items on the baby gift list. Many thanks for Kylie Marks cakes for the fabulous cup cake photo!

Baby Shower - Main Image

The Cake

Baby Shower - Cake Image

  • A layered rainbow cake with white fondant icing, so that guests can write their best wishes on the icing with edible ink pens
  • Colourful cupcakes with icing flowers arranged on a tiered rack
  • Or a cake shaped as a baby’s booty, outfit, dummy or nappy could be fun
  • For the talented cake maker a 3D basinet or old fashioned pram
  • Or an easier alternative use a cake topper in some beautiful colours

The Food

Baby Shower - Food Image

  • Ribbon sandwiches with amazing fillings
  • Plain or fruit scones with jam and cream
  • Caramel tartlets and cupcakes
  • Marshmallow and fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate
  • Custard slices and chocolate brownies with raspberries
  • Savoury scrolls or Vegemite pinwheels
  • Mini pizzas
  • Dips with vege sticks
  • Noodle boxes with hot or cold food
  • Chocolate shards with sprinkles – pink / blue / multi-coloured

The Games

Baby Shower - Games Image

  • Guess the baby food – place jars of baby food into unmarked containers, each person spoons a little on their plate - then taste and guess what flavour the food is.
  • Match the baby – you can ask guests to bring their own baby photos, which you pin to a board and then everyone guesses who the baby is, or you can find photos of celebrities as babies on the internet and match who they were as babies.  You could even guess which baby belongs to which celebrity!
  • Blindfold nappy change – Use a large doll and nappies, guests must change the nappy blindfolded!
  • One hand challenge – Explain to the mum to be that she must get used to doing things with one hand. Ask guests to put one hand behind their back and peg various baby clothes onto a portable airer.  See who can peg the most without dropping pegs or clothes.
  • Baby name game – each guest is given a piece of paper and chooses a letter from a bowl. They then write down as many names as they can think of in five minutes starting with that letter.

The Extras

Baby Shower - Supplies Image

  • Invitations can be pictures or cut-outs of anything baby
  • Attach a tag with all the party details to a dummy
  • An invitation with a tear off section can be used to survey the guests on the sex of the child, or if the name is a sticking point ask for suggestions
  • Decoration colours are dictated by the mum-to-be, blue / pink / favourite colour
  • Use lots of white with your accent colour to create a stylish event
  • Beautiful tea sets will set the scene and fresh flowers to finish the table decorations
  • Some sparkles and sprinkles, scattered on the table will also add to the exciting atmosphere
  • The party favour can be something indulgent such as a bottle of perfume with a thank you tag attached, or some custom made and wrapped chocolates