Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas


The Angry Birds App has taken off and children everywhere are excited. An Angry Birds party for the younger children will be a big hit, so get ready to have some fun ( has some great ideas too).  Thanks to Fantasy Kids Parties for the photo!

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas - Main Image

The Cake

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas - Cake Image

  • A layered rectangular cake that replicates the Angry Birds structures is a great start
  • A round cake can be iced red and decorated to look like the Angry Bird
  • Individual Angry Bird character cupcakes look fantastic
  • A large slingshot shape for an amazing cake
  • Cake topper and cupcake toppers are also an easy way to decorate
  • And if you are arty, try and draw some Angry Birds with edible ink pens on royal icing
  • You can also use a variety of Angry Bird figurines to decorate a great cake too

The Food

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas - Food Image

  • Bread sticks, vege sicks and colourful dips
  • Arrange brightly coloured fruit into Angry Bird backgrounds
  • Cupcakes iced in bright primary colours
  • Mini pizzas with the Angry Bird made from salami and cheese
  • Red and green slushies in Piggy and Angry Bird cups
  • Fruit and marshmallow kebabs that resemble the structures
  • Mini hotdogs with mustard and tomato sauce squiggles
  • Layered sandwiches with colourful fillings
  • Slingshot shaped biscuits with icing and liquorice string
  • Angry Bird character biscuits with colourful icing
  • Mini noodle boxes
  • Pink milk in a Piggy cup

The Games

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas - Games Image

  • Angry Bird piñatas are lots of fun for the young children
  • Angry Bird colouring in pages and puzzle pages are a great activity
  • Make your own Angry Bird character mask
  • Build your own Angry Bird structures using paddle pop sticks and other household recyclables or think BIG and use boxes, balls and tape, etc.
  • In small groups get children to go on a treasure hunt and follow instruction on how to breakdown some barriers that have been constructed (using household recyclables) and then they can win some prizes
  • Blow up some brightly coloured balloons and decorate them, or draw Angry Bird characters on them. In each balloon place a little gift and then in a safe environment use darts to burst the balloons and the child gets the gift.
  • Set up some hoops with small prizes in them and get each child to throw small bean bags in, they win the prizes that have the most of their bean bags in the hoop
  • Decorate some skittles with Angry Bird characters and set them up for a knock‘em down game
  • Construct and Angry Bird landscape using shoeboxes and sticks etc. and place Angry Bird characters in the spaces (they can be the soft plush toys or cardboard cut-outs) and then using a slingshot, get the children to knock down the structure
  • Play musical Angry Bird characters made from large cardboard cut-outs

The Extras

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas - Supplies Image

  • For this party bright, primary colours are what will make the party memorable
  • There are a number of companies the make Angry Bird invitations or you can make your own , using brightly coloured cardboard and some stick on googly eyes
  • You can attach a tag with the party detail to a store bought figurine
  • The party tables can be set using bright cups, plates, etc. Or you can choose to purchase the Angry Birds accessories
  • Lots of streamers and balloons will also make the party area look great
  • The party bags should be brightly coloured and filled with silly straws, nerds, a toy slingshot and Angry Bird chocolates
  • An Angry Bird soft toy with a thank you note attached will also give lots of joy
  • And don’t forget an Angry Bird photo booth with dress-ups