Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt has been a traditional activity for children for many years during the Easter holidays. Decorating eggs and making beautiful baskets to collect them in, is all part of the fun. You can also create some wonderful decorations to make the experience even more festive.

Set the scene:

Create a beautiful Easter wreath to symbolise joy and love, using a foam ring as the base and then be creative. Use coloured cardboard egg shapes and decorate them, then attach them to the wreath and add some feathers. Or decorate plastic or foam eggs and attach them for a 3D effect. (See our Easter Ideas board on Pinterest for some extra inspiration http://www.pinterest.com/kidspartyspace/easter-ideas/)

You can also decorate the backyard using cardboard egg shapes in different sizes, which have been decorated with stickers, gems, glitter or just coloured in. Then punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon into a bow and hang them wherever you can – they look great hanging from a tree too. Or make some bunting to decorate the fence.

Decorate the eggs:

Decorating eggs can be as much fun as hunting for them. Use boiled eggs which have been dipped in food colouring and then decorated with sparkles and glitter. Or use chocolate eggs and decorate with cardboard shapes, cotton wool and other odds and ends. They can be turned into little chickens, butterflies, or cute bunnies and bilbies – just use your imagination or visit our Pinterest board again. Chocolate speckled eggs or candy eggs can be placed into organza bags, which have been decorated with Easter tags using bunny, bilby, chicken or egg shaped cardboard cut-outs.

Create the baskets:

For the adventurous, make and decorate your own Easter basket using cardboard and lots of colourful extras. Or use small cane baskets and decorate with silk flowers, ribbons, feathers and any other creative craft options. Another simple alternative is to use small paper gift bags that have been beautifully decorated.

And now for the HUNT:

Carefully place the eggs around the yard making sure they can be easily reached and depending on the age of the “hunters”, easily seen. And if you have lots of “little hunters” keep some eggs aside and discreetly put the eggs in their path, so that they are not left out. Some Easter Bunny paw prints will also add to the excitement, so use a template and some white powder to make the tracks. Then stand back and record all the joy and wonder of the day.