Plastic Tablecloths – Easy Party Decorations

Ninja Turtle Party

Plastic tablecloths are so handy for a kid’s party! They are an inexpensive and easy way to add some colour to a party table.  Not to mention making the clean up much easier! But there is so much more that you can do with them!  They can be used in so many ways to make easy party decorations that look like a million dollars. Let’s start with……

Decorating Tables

Using some string or tape you can easily create ruffles or gathering to really make a great feature of the table, like they did in these great examples

ruffle plastic table cloth

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pink ruffle 2

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plastic table cloth sun flower

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Make a really pretty backdrop by laying 3 table cloths on top of each other.  Cut strips lengthwise almost to the top, then plait the first 10-15 cm for a great effect.  We have also used this to create a ‘seaweed’ or ‘kelp forest’ look.

plastic table cloth back drop             Octonauts party kelp forest

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Or you can layer the table cloths to make an ugly wall into a great party table backdrop like this cool mermaid party.

plastic table cloths mermaid 1            1-mermaid-party-decoration-ideas-002

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In this party a black table cloth was great as a backdrop with a simple city scape drawn on with a chalk marker – very effective.

Ninja Turtle Party

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But it doesn’t stop there! You can also decorate the ceiling!!  How cool does this rainbow ceiling decoration look – all made from plastic table cloths. Or just drape them across a ceiling to create another great effect.

from roof

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Curtain effects

Use them to drape across the entrance, or tie it back to really create a great look for the party.

pink ruffle 3

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Don’t forget the chairs!

Make ordinary chairs look extra special for the party with plastic tablecloths used as bows or draped over and tied with a feature.

chair bows formal            plastic tbale cloths kids chairs

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Hope you have got some great ideas from these suggestions.

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