Wreck It Ralph Party Ideas


Age: 06

Theme: Wreck It Ralph

My son adores Wreck-it-Ralph, so that was the theme for his birthday. It was a pretty easy theme as half the movie is set at 'SugarRush' a land made of candy. I had the party after school on a Friday and I had a few of my older nephews and nieces to help corral the kids when needed.

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The Cake

Cake Image

Lots of cute cupcakes made a great cake.

The Food

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All the food was really simple and could be made the day before and then stored in the fridge or airtight containers.

The Games

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The activity of making their own 'lickity splits' went down a treat, and I was surprised that the boys got way more into this than the girls. It was a great time consuming and relatively cheap activity $12 at the local cheap lolly shop, and $5 at the supermarket for the cones and biscuits. The Cybug squash is always a hit, just small balloons with lollies inside. I'm sure my neighbours thought I was setting fireworks off in my backyard, lol. We also set off mini geysers, using those mini diet coke bottles and mentos. Kids thought that was hilarious.

The Supplies

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Decorations set the party scene.

Top Party Tip

A bottle of wine in the fridge for when the kids went home :-)

Favourite Present