TMNT Party


Age: 04

Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

TMNT was a last minute decision and the kids really had fun.

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The Cake

Cake Image

The cake was a Ninja Turtle head and cupcake toppers were from the UK.

The Food

Food Image

My son came up with the idea of cooking pizzas before the party and slicing them up for lunch. I added some green food colouring to the water too.

The Games

I printed some cardboard masks and then got each child to colour it in, in their favourite Ninja colour.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

I couldn't find a TMNT table cover so I compromised by getting a blue cover and sticking a Ninja Turtle strip across it. I also put paper tissue strips around the cups and balloons and drew some turtle heads, to stick on the cupcake stand.

Top Party Tip

Favourite Present