Superheroes In Training Birthday Party


Age: 05

Theme: Superheros Party

My son is crazy about anything superhero, so his party had to be all about them! The cake was made by the very talented Renae form All that Cake and it was just amazing, the cookies were made by the equally talented Sasha from Cake'n It and I'm glad I managed to try one as they were delicious and were gone so fast. For the party favours my beautiful friend Ann from Nanny Annys Taggy and Burpers made me some crayon rolls for the kids, we also had superhero fads, superman Pez dispensers, bubbles and other sweet treats. We had a smashing game that consisted of smashing ice cream cones in the fastest time possible with giant Hulk gloves, the boys absolutely loved it and wanted to smash more after the game was over! I also set up a superhero in training station with blank mask to decorate! We had some very creative masks! The boys were also able to dress in different costumes, and had a fight between villain and superhero with silly string guns. It was a great fight and my garden looks like a rainbow garden now! The dessert table had all my son's favourites : cupcakes, donuts, cake, lollies, chocolate bars, marshmallow pops, cookies... Everything was just delicious and the party was a real success! xx

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

Rainbow buttercake covered in white chocolate ganache and fondant

The Food

Food Image

The party was close to lunch time so we made sure we had plenty of savoury food. We had hotdogs, cheerios, chips, dip with crackers and vegies, popcorn... We also had a dessert table with cupcakes, cookies, donuts, marshmallow pops, lollies...

The Games

Games Image

We had smashing contest: the kids were given big hulk glove and had to smash as many ice cream cones as possible, we had costumes, a silly string fight between superhero and villain, the kids could create their own superhero mask and we also had a water castle.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

For the favours we had some superhero bubbles, superman pez dispenser, chocolate lollipops, fun stick, crayon rolls, erasers and stickers every kids favourites! The party was decorated with balloons, paper stars, honeycomb balls and we created a wonderful skyline backdrop for the dessert table

Top Party Tip

Every year I used to bake my children's cake but this year I decided not too, having someone doing it for me was really great as I could concentrate on other details. I also had all the tables and chairs set up the night before including some decorations.

Favourite Present