Sullivan’s minecraft birthday


Age: 10


Sullivan LOVES video games! I could not resist creating a minecraft buffet for his sleepover. We also set up a cinema in the backyard to watch his favourite movies

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

Chocolate mud cupcakes complete with vanilla cream creeper icing. Cake toppers sourced from etsy

The Food

Food Image

Pizza and hotdogs were served during dinner, with the boys helping themselves to the buffet throughout the night. The paper cones filled with popcorn and green creeper juice served in mini milk bottles were a hit! Each child also received a personalised chocolate bar to take home .... Not sure they made it that far though !

The Games

In addition to minecraft ... Of course ! The boys set up their sleeping bags and had an outside movie marathon

The Supplies

Supplies Image

My first (successful!) attempt at a balloon wall which I used as the backdrop for the buffet. Designed to look like the sky,grass and earth blocks of minecraft

Top Party Tip

The kids loved choosing their own treats for their lolly bags

Favourite Present