Under the Sea


Age: 04


Under the Sea

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

A Mermaid sitting on a rock surrounded by starfish and coral

The Food

Food Image

Finger food, we had small cheese triangles as 'shark teeth', grapes on a skewer, that was 'coral' and fairy bread in the shape of stars as 'starfish'

The Games

Games Image

We had a mermaid that had the kids make their own keepsake to keep, they had a treasure hunt, musical clams, drawing and dancing

The Supplies

Supplies Image

I made most of the decorations myself, I made seaweed from green party streamers. I had my children colour in and decorate fish, seahorses and starfish that I had printed out to stick on the walls. I used blue plastic table covers to hang from the ceiling as 'waves of the ocean', I made jelly fish to hang from the ceiling, out of paper plates and streamers. We had a bubble machine on, which the kids loved and lots of blue and white balloons on the 'ocean floor'

Top Party Tip

Everybody loved how the room was decorated, it was very effective and very inexpensive. We had a mermaid who sang songs to the children and danced and played games, she was amazing.

Favourite Present

My daughter loved her princess barbies, books and new school bag, ready for starting kindy next year :-)