Reuben’s Construction Party


Age: 04

Theme: Construction party

Our son, Reuben, had a construction party at home. It was a rainy day, but this just added to the mud and mess and fun!

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The Cake

Cake Image

Would have been so easy to use chocolate cake and choccie covered sultanas as rocks, but Reuben hates chocolate, so we went with banana cake and yoghurt covered sultanas as rocks.

The Food

Food Image

There were wafer logs, cone jelly, '4' road sign biscuits, melon traffic lights, rubble cheese and bacon balls. Glass 'arrow' water bottles and personalised juice.

The Games

Games Image

The Coffee Rocks were a HUGE hit. We made them out of coffee, sand, salt and flour and hid a plastic toy bug in each one. Then baked them for 7 hours and they became hard and looked like stones. We hid them in the dirt and the kids had to dig to find them. My husband then helped them smash them open with a hammer

The Supplies

Supplies Image

I couldnt find reasonably priced Hi Vis vests, so I bought some cheap material from Spotlight and sewed them and added Aluminium tape (Although the Aluminium tape came off quiet easily, would use different tape or sew them on next time). Each child received a lunch bag with lollies (In a snap lock bag) to put their coffee rock treasure in. They also received a hard hat and safety glasses. Probably only cost about $6 per child for the gifts

Top Party Tip

We borrowed road signs from a local Traffic management company and bought a roll of CAUTION tape from Bunnings for $6. I hand painted small canvases as road signs for the food table and used a roll of black plastic as the backdrop and table cloth

Favourite Present

Hard hats, bought for $1 each, were a massive hit