Rainbows and Unicorns Birthday Party


Age: 06

Theme: Rainbows & Unicorns

My daughter has always loved unicorns (has a mural on her bedroom wall, pillow pet, stuffed unicorn, etc.) which seem to go hand in hand with rainbows so we made it a combined rainbow & unicorn party. The girls as they arrived all received rainbow tutus and unicorn headbands to tie in with the theme... All the food was rainbow themed and the games were a combination of rainbow and unicorn themed.

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

I am lucky enough to have a step mother that makes cakes (that is one party task I have never been able to undertake without hyperventilating at the mere thought!). The outside was decorated with rainbow sprinkles and unicorn cake topper and candles. The inside was layered with beautiful bright colours of the rainbow but it got eaten so quick I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the inside!!

The Food

Food Image

Biggest hit was the rainbow jelly (start at the beginning of the week & make a layer a day, let set, then make the next colour then let cool before pouring over previous colour). Plus the rainbow pretzel sticks (dipped pretzels in melted chocolate then sprinkles). Then I used "normal party food" but served in things like rainbow cups or on platters with rainbow cutouts on them to match the theme.

The Games

Games Image

We started with face painting (rainbows of course) then pass the parcel but with a rainbow pinata, inflatable unicorn races (big hit!) and ended with a scavenger hunt type game where the kids had to team up, go and find each colour of the rainbow and put it together like a puzzle and when finished their rainbow they received the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" (black cauldron with a bag of chocolate coins each).

The Supplies

Supplies Image

This age girls just love face painting so I think everyone has a beautiful piece of art on their face or arm first was a lovely start. And they just loved the bright colours of all the food and decorations. It's one theme that's easy to make bright and fun!!!

Top Party Tip

I always like to end with some kind of craft activity as it gives the kids a chance to focus on something and settle down a bit after all that sugar and running around (especially 15 screaming 6yr old girls fighting off 5 older brothers in the cubby house!). We ended with make your own rainbows which were just cardboard rainbows with the different coloured crepe strips stuck on the bottom (see pic).

Favourite Present

A pink stuffed monkey thats arms can stick together around your neck and I don't even know to this day who she got it from to thank them! And those rubber band bracelet making kits... Arrghhh finding rubber bands all over the house..