Rainbow Princess Party


Age: 05

Theme: Rainbow Princess

A 5yr olds 'Rainbow Princess' Party. We had 12, 5yr old girls (plus her 3 younger siblings and a guests older sister) it was a lot of girly, sparkly fun.

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

A beautiful Princess cake.

The Food

Food Image

Lots of colourful food.

The Games

The games included pass the parcel- with a stationary kit as the main prize and stickers and lollies on each layer. Stick the horn on the unicorn and musical statues. We gave a prize for each participant as they got out because at 5 they don't understand why they're out and that diffuses the tears. The prizes were bubbles (the big wand ones) or mini puzzles.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

We had party bags with necklaces, wands, rings and a couple of funsize chocolates.

Top Party Tip

We only do parties for alternate birthdays.

Favourite Present