Peppa Pig Party


Age: 03

Theme: Peppa Pig Party

A Peppa Pig Party for a fun 3rd birthday.

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The Cake

Cake Image

The cake was a white chocolate mudcake dyed green. I added pink cake balls. Green icing with Cocopops dirt and then added Peppa Pig figurines.

The Food

Food Image

Pink donuts with pink pig lolly faces, coloured popcorn, fairy bread, chocolate custard cups with berries, carrots and pink tzaki dip and pink fruit kebabs. Strawberry milk in mini glass milk bottles with crazy straws, raspberry lemonade for adults and creamy soda. Meringue pigs from a bakery, musk sticks, strawberry Easter eggs. Ice cream parlour- waffle and kids cones dipped in Cadbury chocolate, then rolled in crushed nuts and sprinkles with Blue Ribbon ice cream. Strawberry, caramel and chocolate topping with nuts, cherries and sprinkles as well.

The Games

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The Supplies

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Peppa pig photo board. I painted this for ppl n kids to have photo in front of For the ice cream parlour I added a sign saying happy 3rd birthday with ice cream in the background. Peppa Pig table cloth, napkins and plates. Pink napkins, utensils etc

Top Party Tip

Lots of pink !

Favourite Present