Minecraft Party


Age: 09

Theme: Minecraft Party

For my son's 9th birthday there was no question that it was always going to be a Minecraft party

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

I saw this on Pinterest and it wasn't too hard to recreate with my son's favourite mud cake

The Food

Food Image

Twisties as carrots, raspberry lollies as redstone, black jelly beans as coal and green slime jelly were just some of the treats which we had fun naming with minecraft labels

The Games

Games Image

We used Ultimate Games - which arrived in a van and kept all the boys busy with computer games - perfect for a Minecraft party

The Supplies

Supplies Image

White noodle boxes with minecraft lables stuck on had treats, rubix cubes and party poppers disguised as TNT, in them

Top Party Tip

Let the kids help with printing and making the decorations, they loved coming up with the food names

Favourite Present