Minecraft Party


Age: 08

Theme: Minecraft

Creeper was the easiest to use as a minecraft theme. Harry loved it.

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The Cake

Cake Image

Thanks to Toowong French Patisserie for the awesome creeper cake!

The Food

Food Image

All the food was named to fit the theme and these cupcakes were really easy to make.

The Games

Games Image

We made a few minecraft games on the iPad for kids to join in and play - a treasure hunt and race to bedrock. However kids just had fun running around and playing, so didn't really spend much time minecrafting.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

We used free printables for most of the minecraft signs. I made the ones for the party bags and for the balloons we used black duct tape. For the party bags I made rainbow loom minecraft charms, and also brought stickers and paper craft items on line.

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