Magic Party for a 9yo


Age: 09


My son absolutely loves all things magical from Harry Potter to Dynamo so a magician was the perfect entertainment option and then I based all the decorations, food, party bags, etc around this. This is a fantastic party - thanks for sharing this with us Ezy Kids Parties !!!

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The Cake

Cake Image

I'm so grateful I have a stepmother that makes awesome cakes and this one was no exception. The top hat section was full of mini chocolate bars that spilled out when the cake was cut. My favourite was the candles - they are magic and don't blow out so it was so funny watching the kids faces (including my son who didn't know) trying over and over to blow out the candles!

The Food

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The food was pretty simple and quite easy to theme. I put cupcakes in mini top hats, made star wands with fruit kebabs (watermelon and grapes), cut the sandwiches out into hearts (like cards) and served popcorn in black boxes with magic themed stickers on them. The favourite was the "potion drinks" made from using dry ice.

The Games

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As we had a magician (Sir Andum) to entertain the kids we didn't have many party games but the kids looooved "make your own slime".

The Supplies

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As he's getting a bit old for decorations, etc. we didn't really do much this time around, but still gave out party bags with a range of magic party favours as well as top hats and wands when they arrived.

Top Party Tip

Having a magician was great to entertain the kids and give me a break!

Favourite Present

Favourite present was definitely the magic kit with a whole bunch of tricks to learn and do.