Lego Party


Age: 08

Theme: Lego

My son declared last year "lego is my life mum!". So no surprises what his last birthday theme was going to be! I wanted to keep it small but special so we had 10 kids and they all had their own lego tins with lego themed food like lego chocolate men, lego block jellies & lego shaped fairy bread in little bags, lego souvenier cups and games like pass the lego bag, lego man hot potato, ninjago corners and the favourite - lego building scavenger hunt & challenge. I made shirts with different lego faces on them for our family & even spray painted lego men on the driveway (without telling my husband :)! Got the supplies from

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The Cake

Cake Image

I am so grateful I have a stepmother who can make cakes! The boys loved this but they all kept wanting me to chop his head off!!!

The Food

Food Image

This was probably the most challenging but fun and the kids loved it all! I got moulds off ebay to make lego chocolate men and lego jellies (tip, use way way extra gelatin to get them to set) and used my daughters's mega blocks to cut things like the lego fairy bread. Mini lego pizzas we made with rectangle pizza bases cut up and then little slices of salami to make the "dots".

The Games

Games Image

The favourite game by far was the lego scavenger hunt/building challenge. They were put in teams and had to go find their pieces and instructions and then build their object (all had the same set, just different colours to make it fair). When finished they were each presented with a Master Builder's Certificate.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

The food, i.e. making everything lego shaped whether men or blocks and them getting to keep everything together in their tin. The building challenge as I know how much all his friends love to build lego. Spray painting the lego men on the driveway and pavers as directions to the party the kids loves. And of course the shirts!

Top Party Tip

I am use to having parties for 25-30 kids but I think keeping this one small but special with just his closest friends made it extra special and fun and intimate. Especially with things like the "pass the parcel" as I knew every child well, each prize you had to give to the person that fit the clue. Also, helps having a really big outdoor table which meant we could fit everything on and do everything in the one spot. It's also good to have a quiet activity to finish with so they got to colour in lego star wars

Favourite Present

Anything lego!!!