Julian and Christian’s Pirate Party


Age: 04


To celebrate Julian's 4th and Christian's 2nd birthday I put toegther this Pirate Party. Both of my boys absolutely love pirates and have been talking about their "pirate party" for a long time. Waking up to the house decorated they excalimed "wow this is awesome mummy!" and it makes all the effort worthwhile!

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

This gorgeous cake was made by the talented Amy at Cakes for Kids and the peg toppers were made by Peg It Dolls on etsy. Red Velvet was the boys favourite smothered in buttercream - YUM!

The Food

Food Image

all the yummy treats my boys love, chocolate mousse, honey joys, chocolate truffles, cookies, cheesecake bites!

The Games

Games Image

Pass the parcel, A treasure chest piƱata with the help of my husband dressed as a pirate! and the X was hung on top of the sandpit filled with treasure to dig for!

The Supplies

Supplies Image

After the candy buffet had been raided, all the guests picked up their loot bag and filled it with pirate hats, erasers, puzzles and tattoos!

Top Party Tip

Having small tables and chairs for the kids to sit and eat at, makes it much easier for everyone! We had 50 people including 25 adults so to minimise cooking time (so we could enjoy the celebrations) we ordered chickens and chips from our local store and made a heap of yummy salads, everyone was happy!

Favourite Present

The boys loved all of their beautiful gifts, however their costumes remain a favourite!