Giggle and Hoot 1st Birthday Party


Age: 01

Theme: Giggle and Hoot

The Giggle and Hoot party was a great 1st birthday theme.

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The Cake

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The Giggle and Hoot cake was an orange and blue, white chocolate mud cake with bubble gum flavoured icing and Hoot was made from fondant.

The Food

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All food was orange and blue. Veggie and dip platter - sweet chilli dip, Doritos, carrots, cheese, cheese flavoured rice crackers,satay chicken and tandoori chicken wings, with aioli dip which had blue food dye added. Veggie frittata with sweet potato, pumpkin, and carrot. Roasted and sprinkled with garlic salt before being made into a frittata with eggs. Fairy bread with blue sprinkles and the drinks included Sprite and Fanta. Orange and blue jelly, some layered and some not. I asked a local bakery to ice blue donuts and sprinkle with orange sprinkles - happy to customise with enough warning to

The Games

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Giggle and Hoot bean bags for lots of fun games.

The Supplies

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Blue and orange bunting. Orange table cloth, blue and orange plastic cutlery, plastic bowls and plates and napkins.I used an old cardboard box and painted it like Hoot's apartment. Made orange and blue circles and hung them around a window with bunting and a happy birthday sign. A lolly candy bar as the favours: I separated orange and blue snakes and M&M's and brought lollies that were in orange and blue wrapping. Lolly pops custom from Suga

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