Frozen party for 7 year old


Age: 07

Theme: Frozen Birthday Party

This theme is inevitable at the moment! My daughter's favourite colour happens to be turquoise, so I used blue pretty much everywhere mixed with frozen designed decorations and tableware, etc. We just had 12 girls which was a perfect number and I kept it fairly unstructured but with plenty to do, including a jumping castle and face painting and a few games and craft to keep them entertained when they wanted. The best part was when they all got up and sang "Let it Go" in front of all the parents - it sounded so beautiful and brought a few people (including myself!) close to tears.

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

Luckily I have a very talented step mother who can make cakes (I hyperventilate at the thought!) and was happy to comply with my daughter's request for a doll cake (that way she got an extra toy!).

The Food

Food Image

Blue, blue and more blue! The favourite was the blue jelly, closely followed by the blue popcorn and blue cupcakes. If the food wasn't blue I served it in a blue bowl or platter to carry the theme throughout.

The Games

Games Image

The favourite was definitely "make your own snowman" (using a friend and a bag with props) - they laughed themselves silly with this game. The craft activity was also a favourite - making your own foam snowman with moving hands and legs. Others included the olaf pinata and musical snowflakes. And they got an Olaf balloon sculpted at the end.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

With the sweet tooth my daughter has, she really wanted a candy station. But as I had so much going on already I compromised and it was the party favours, along with a make your own blue crystal kit (which was meant to be a party activity until I read the instructions which included using boiling water and waiting seven days - LOL!). I found these great plastic Frozen buckets which could be reused as well rather than bags that would get thrown away.

Top Party Tip

Going with the flow. I must admit I am usually pretty structured with my parties but this time I relaxed a bit and let the girls just play and have fun and come to me when they wanted to play a game, etc. And the slushie machine - well worth it! I thought I would have litres of blue lemonade slushie left over but they drank it all. And I served it in the mason jars with the straws so no spillage and tags with their names on them meant they never lost them either and they could just help

Favourite Present

Design your own headbands. These were fabulous!