First Birthday Beach Party


Age: 01

Theme: Beach Party

This party was for approx. 70 people. A fun and colourful theme. There was a huge sea-life jumping castle, specially built sand pit and a surf board simulator to keep kids and adults entertained.

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The Cake

Cake Image

Cake Made By Debbie Walpole

The Food

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Crab Cupcakes, Fish Cupcakes, Chocolate Fish Marshmallows, Clam Shell Biscuits, Beach Ball Biscuits, Chocolate Cake Pops, Chocolate Rocks, Fish Candy, Large Jaffas as Beach Balls, Sour straps as Beach Towels, Gummy Sharks, Fruit Rings as Life Saver rings, Water with Blue Food Dye - Labelled Swimming pool water, Crab Crossiants,

The Games

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The Supplies

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Top Party Tip

- Used breadcrumbs on the table to act as sand - Had a container of kynectic magic sand for the kids to play with on the present table

Favourite Present