Fireman Sam Birthday Party


Age: 03

Theme: Fireman Sam

A Fireman Sam birthday party for my son's 3rd birthday.

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The Cake

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I got the cake idea from a google search and decided to do an ice cream cake version of it. I brought two tubs of 4 litre ice cream and one 2 litre tub. The 4 litre tubs I dyed red and the two litre yellow. I made windows from melted white chocolate, Oreo cookies for wheels, liquorice strips for hose and jubes for lights.

The Food

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BBQ chips and cheese n onion chips on arrival. Hot dogs and cocktail Frankfurts with soft bread rolls and crunchy bread rolls and dinner rolls for kids. Toppings were cheese, onion, bacon, avocado, sour cream, spring onion, salsa, tomato sauce, mustard and BBQ sauce. Potato gems and the drinks were apple and black currant juice, orange juice and apple juice. Little coke, fanta and raspberry fanta cans. There was also red, orange and yellow jelly.

The Games

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We hired a fire engine jumping castle - it was massive and we had a fire pole for kids to swing around on.

The Supplies

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The table cloth was orange, napkins were red and we used orange and silver bowls, plates and cutlery. I decorated the windows with paint textas - $15 for six at Office Works. Favours were orange, red and yellow chocolate bars and lollies.

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