Pamper Party for Ella’s Birthday


Age: 08

Theme: Pamper party

What a great time my daughter and her friends had being spoilt and pampered for her 8th birthday. Had some help from some friends with the pampering but did most of the party myself

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

The pretend makeup decorations for the cake were easier to make than I thought

The Food

Food Image

Lots of pretty bite sized food and fruit juice mocktails. The kids also loved the homemade fairyfloss.

The Games

Games Image

The mask and pedicure were the favourites and the girls had lots of laughs

The Supplies

Supplies Image

More pink for the decorations

Top Party Tip

Get some friends to help and make sure kids aren't allergic to any of the pamper products, we did some homemade recipes for the facemasks!

Favourite Present