4yr old Octonaut Party


Age: 04

Theme: Octonauts

My 4 year old loves the ocotonauts so we had an afternoon of octofun with his kindy friends

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

We made three round cakes and stacked them on top of each other. We made some seaweed and creatures from fondant icing and used the toy figures themselves as the decoration

The Food

Food Image

We made sea creature biscuits and blue jelly cups. We also found that Arnotts made sea creature shaped biscuits which were great and we managed to find some sea creature lollies.

The Games

Games Image

We played pin the patch on Quazi, pass the parcel (with gold coins in each layer), "what's the time whale shark?", and decorator crabs - we just printed out some crab outlines and the kids had heaps of fun sticking things on them just like the crab does in the show.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

We used blue and orange balloons and put crepe paper around them and then hung them like jelly fish. Cheap blue and orange table clothes looked great and we bought some octonaut hats and flags from Pink Frosting party supplies on line. My favourite things were the party bags which were cheap white noodle boxes, I then printed out some octonaut bandaids onto mailing lables and stuck them on the boxes, they looked just like Peso's medical bag!!

Top Party Tip

Use three green plastic tablecloths and lay them on top of each other, then cut them into wavy strips. Plait the strips a little way from the top, then hang the whole thing in a door way or from the ceiling - looked just like a kelp forest!!

Favourite Present

Flying Bird by Tiger Tribe - all the kids loved it and no batteries!!!